Taylor Swift's album cover

Taylor Swift released an album titled "Lover" on Aug. 23. 

The only thing I have been listening to for the past week is Taylor Swift’s new album, "Lover." It is different from anything we’ve ever seen from her, but it also has its typical Taylor traditions.

Angst. Boys. Emotion. In the past, most of her songs revolved primarily around different boys she has been in a relationship with and her various feelings about them. This album has so much more depth.

We are blessed with a song about her mom’s cancer diagnosis (“Soon You’ll Get Better”), a song relaying a message about homophobia (“You Need To Calm Down”) and several ballads about true love. 

We can tell that Swift was emotionally in a different place while recording this album because of those love songs. All of them are about a single man: her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwin.

“I would guess that she wrote it in a good and healthy headspace,” junior Brianna Smith said.  

“Lover” is the perfect title because the album is all about being in love with one person. It is about growing up and meeting a significant other who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Swift appears to be in a blissful place in her life and her fans love seeing her so content for a change.

“I think she sounds like really happy in this album, and like good for her you know,” junior SP van Niekerk said.

The album cover itself is gorgeous with pinks, purples and blues, and the word “Lover” written in cursive across the top. It creates this inexplicable vibe. It’s like watching a sunset but in some kind of perfect fantasy land.

Furthermore, every song matches that artwork, especially “Lover,” “Daylight” and “Afterglow.” The word choice is so intricate and satisfying throughout the entire album that it reminds us of just how talented she is as a writer.

Even after listening to the album from beginning to end dozens of times, there are still things to pick up on. Hidden within certain songs are references to her older songs, other celebrities or something else well-known by her fans.

In the song “Daylight,” she sings, “I used to think love would be burning red,” a reference to her album, "Red." 

Not only are the lyrics beautifully clever in every single song, but her high and airy voice makes it sound even more alluring. With that, we get a great variety of moods, from sorrowful and slow to elated and upbeat. We even hear some jazz in “False God.”

The wide range of sounds is what contributes to such an amazing album. It is why every single song is catchy, not just one or two. 

Taylor Swift has come a long way. Looking back to her days singing country, her first album dabbling in the pop genre and her rebellious phase, there is so much growth. Some would argue that she can never top her older albums and maybe she can’t, but she can at least match them.  

“'Reputation' was my favorite, but … that’s like a completely different side of Taylor than this one is, so it’s really hard to compare them,” van Niekerk said.

We keep thinking she can’t possibly do any better because every album she releases from "Fearless" to "Red" to "1989" is so successful, and she just keeps on going with hit after hit after hit.

Considering she is only 29 years old, we still have so much to look forward to in her career and it will be fascinating to see what comes next.

Samantha DiMaio is a staff writer.

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