It is fair to say that the past few months have been somewhat of a challenge. With the West Coast wildfires, a historical presidential race nearing its end, Zoom classes and a global pandemic still shaking society there are far more things to deal with now than in usual times. Now more than ever, it is important to stay positive, connected, organized and efficient.

With that in mind, Gonzaga students have been asked to share their experiences with COVID-19 and how they have utilized this time to their advantage and have adapted to these sudden changes and challenges.

Brooke Baker: sophomore, civil engineering

“I have dedicated a lot more of my time to self-reflection since COVID has begun...And I have had more time to think and reflect before making decisions. I think it has definitely grown my character, but there have certainly been challenges that come along with it and being an extroverted person has made this especially challenging.”

Jedi Biswas-Deiner: junior, electrical engineering

“I went this summer with some friends into the middle of nowhere to develop more in rock climbing and we were there for a month camping in an abandoned quarry. So, I was able to use the time where I wasn’t in contact to grow in my experience.” 

 Jakob Duchesneau: sophomore, environmental science

“With COVID I was not able to do too much and that had me reflect on being thankful for what I could do. I was able to help more with my family and appreciate my time more. I could now do more working out and I could practice playing my guitar, and while it wasn’t easy or ideal it made me thankful for what I had.” 

Dominic MacIsaac: sophomore, accounting

“I’ve had to find creative ways to get outside and not have my productivity absolutely destroyed by sedentary life. This has included creating habits of doing certain classes in different locations such as the common room, outdoors and in my room.”

“My workout schedule has been pretty difficult. As I train for an Ironman I’ve had to supplement my lack of swimming training with exercises I can do at home that focus on those muscle groups. I have tried to spend more time learning skills such as doing wheelies on my bike. I think overall I have learned a lot about how habits and environments greatly affect my work and mental health.”

Having to stay at home more, GU students have had to find ways to entertain themselves. For some it's practicing instruments, for others it's working out, reflecting and the list goes on.

This time has allowed everyone to catch up with those they have talked to for some time, to develop skills they have been wanting to work on and maybe form new (and maybe even healthy) habits. 

Colin Crean is a staff writer. 

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