It is no debate as to why Spotify is the superior music streaming app. There’s a reason that they have 138 million premium subscribers and Apple Music only has 72 million.

What’s not to like about Spotify? They have absolutely everything that Apple Music has but they do it bigger and better. 

With Spotify, their users are getting constant exposure to new and upcoming artists who match the vibe of the music they’re already listening to, artists that might be considered “underground” and entirely new sounds that maybe they’ve no one has ever heard of before. 

The feature that allows you to collaborate on playlists with other users is another way that Spotify has set itself apart from Apple.

Being able to let multiple people add to the same playlist is another way for everyone to get exposed to new music and it makes it something fun and interactive. It gives the whole experience of building a playlist and enjoying the vibe more intimately. 

Another facet of Spotify that is very much appreciated by it’s users is the insane amounts of pre-made playlists that they have that are created specifically for you.

 “The best part of Spotify is easily the pre-made playlists. The daily mixes, the ‘More Like’ playlists. Amazing,” said Lucas Miranda, a Gonzaga sophomore and Spotify subscriber. 

Spotify makes it’s subscribers feel like they care about what kind of music they enjoy and they work to make it feel like an exclusive listening experience.

 The Yearly Recap playlist from Spotify is something that everyone goes crazy over. Everyone gets a chance to share their most listened to songs, artists, and genres. 

Spotify users get a much more exclusive and interactive experience on their music platform than Apple Music users get. 

 With all of that said, if you’re deciding between one or the other to give your ten bucks a month to, go for Spotify if you want to get more than what you’re paying for.

Apple Music: 

 Louis Armstrong said, “Music is life itself,” and nowadays we have countless ways to stream music of all genres. Two of these rise above all others, Apple Music and Spotify, each with a wide variety of ways to listen do and download music, without the hassle of YouTube ceasing your tunes when your phone shuts off. Yet for all the hype of Spotify, Apple Music wins out in the end.

With identical pricing at $9.99 per month, one must gage where to spend that money, to get the most for their dollar. Looking at the amenities of both providers it will become clear that Apple Music’s features will not be matched.

While Spotify might take the medal in the recommendation department, Apple cannot be beat in content. With over 60 million songs it towers above competition. Not only is the music choice supreme, but it allows exclusive access to on-demand radio shows, making up for the solely par recommendation service. 

Many speak to Spotify’s ability to stream podcasts as well as music as being something to hold over Apple Music. This, however, is pointless. If you have Apple Music, you have an iPhone, and if you have an iPhone you have access to the Podcasts app which is free.

When it comes to interface, Spotify has to take the backseat, because Apple is king when it comes to functionality and user-friendliness. Its search engine for songs allows users to look up songs by lyrics which, if your memory fails but you remember a chorus, can be the most helpful thing in a music service. Not only are lyrics searchable, but when listening to music, the app will display the lyrics for a good old bout of karaoke.

With a large portion of the population absorbed into Apple’s massive ecosystem, the sharing features of the Music app allow for easy transfers of playlists and songs over messages.

Overall, for whatever Apple Music lacks, it makes up for in sheer usefulness. With its content size and delightfully easy-to-use search and find system, Apple Music towers over Spotify as the best music streaming service.

Michaela Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @friedrich_kayla.

Dawson Neely is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @DawsonNeely.


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