Donut Parade

Donut Parade is a local donut shop that closed on Dec. 4 2016. Locals are ecstatic about the reopening of the shop, which took place on Wednesday March 13.

For those with a morning sweet tooth or just someone who appreciates a good fresh donut with their coffee, the go-to donut shop is back. Donut Parade is located on 2152 N. Hamilton St. and is a classic North Spokane institution.

The shop has been in the Spokane community since 1968, but closed in December of 2016. The building was falling apart ­— the roof was leaking, lights were falling and the bills weren’t able to be paid. There was no other option than to close the shop. The closing of Donut Parade left a noticeable hole in the Spokane community that was easy to see when you drove up or down Hamilton Street and saw the red brick wall with the Donut Parade sign, but a sad looking and empty shop.

Then to some surprise the shop was reopened in March with new owners Nathan and Christina Peabody. The shop received new updates, but still stays true to the original design. The Peabody’s are working to build up the community while also honoring the original owner, they said. 

The shop still has the old window decals of cartoon donuts and coffee and even the original juke box by the entrance of the shop. And their big glass case is stocked full of the Donut Parade signature maple bars and apple fritters.

“It looks just the same as it did when it was abandoned except now when you drive by you can smell the goodness coming from inside,” GU senior Shannon Brennan said. “They definitely retained the monumental feel of the building and the apply fritters are very tasty.”

Donut Parade is a longtime member of the Spokane community. One of Donut Parade’s mangers, Michael Phillips grew up going to the shop.

“I have very vague memories of my family coming here because my grandma used to work here so we would come and do Easter here and random days,” Phillips said.

It has only been a few months since the reopening of the shop, but the crowds of dedicated donut lovers come by every day. They have to make over 50 apple fritters daily in order to not sell out right away. In the first week of being reopened, the shop sold out of all it’s donuts within three hours. Now you can buy a donut at almost any of their open hours, except for Saturdays. Saturdays get really busy and on most Saturdays there is a line out of the door and almost always they sell out.

“People come in just happy that we are here and we already have constant regulars,” Phillips said.

The employees make the donut choosing process an easy one with giving their own suggestions, sharing their favorites and also suggesting a freshly brewed cup from Arctos Coffee Roasting Company.

“Just like you trust a mechanic to fix our car, you should trust a donut guy to pick out your donuts,” one of the employees told a customer.

The biggest question for the Peabody’s are if they are able to deliver the same tasting donuts as before.

“A lot of people have been super excited and expectant,” Phillips said. When they come in the first question they ask is if they are same as the original. They’re pretty close but it’s hard because [the original owner] never wrote down his recipes or really told anyone.”

The donuts are baked fresh by the owners and a group of bakers. The process of creating fresh donuts starts around 6 p.m. and continues until 6 a.m., when the shop opens. 

Donuts cost anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50. The daily selection is always changing, you will never see the display case looking the same, but you can always count of freshly made maple bars and apple fritters. The fritters even have bacon in them sometimes. They also have an assortment of donuts with daily rotating candies on top. 

Donut Parade is open Monday-Saturday and their current hours on Mondays-Fridays are 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturdays is 6 a.m. – 2 p.m. They have also recently implemented a happy hour on Mondays-Fridays from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. making all donuts left $1.00.

Brianna Vasquez is an arts & entertainment editor.

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