Rather than simply attending a basketball game or meeting President Thayne McCulloh, Gonzaga students have a lot to look forward to during their four years in Spokane. Known as the GU bucket list, students have accumulated a long list of to-do's before graduation.

Junior Colby Richard has also checked a few things off his list, but some are still pending. He’s completed an all nighter, created lifelong friendships at GU, attended the Spokane International Film Festival and has hiked Bowl and Pitcher Loop Trail. Richard said he still plans to have a beer with a professor, publish a research paper and go cliff jumping. 

Sophomore Kaitlyn Palacio wishes to marry a Zag.

Palacio has won tacos at a GU basketball game, a goal on her bucket list, but sadly forgot her winning coupon on her way out the McCarthey Athletic Center. 

She also hopes to win at Spike Nite bingo and sit in the front row of a men's basketball game in the future.

Freshman Ben Spear is yet to check anything off his list. Spear hopes to participate in Tent City, sit in the front of a basketball game and attend late-night COG.

Sophomore Sophie Tolson said she has accomplished going to a Gonzaga University Theatre Sports (GUTS) show on her bucket list. 

“They’re so funny. I had the time of my life at GUTS,” Tolson said. 

She has also picked up some fresh cookies from Cookie Night.

Sophomore Leah Quidachay has multiple activities waiting to be checked off her bucket list. Quidachay aspires to go on a Gonzaga Outdoors trip and wants to hammock around campus.

“Hammocks are the groundhogs of Gonzaga. It marks the beginning of spring,” Quidachay said.   

Junior Maggie Ballard has a long list of must-do’s, some which she has done, and some she has left unmarked. Like others, Ballard has marked off Tent City from her list.

“Though I am absolutely not a fan of sleeping in the freezing cold, it has to be done," Ballard said. "Plus, when you're with all your buddies and Kennel Board is handing out pizza and playing music, it's worth the lack of sleep."

She has also won an intramural shirt, ridden the "sketchevator," attended the Filipino American Student Union Bario Festival and Hawaii Pacific Islanders Club Luau and has now been featured in The Gonzaga Bulletin.

Although Ballard has achieved most of her list, she is still waiting to get take a selfie with McCulloh.

“I still have so much to see,” Ballard said. “I hope once this pandemic is officially over, all of us students can get back to crossing stuff off our lists."

Due to COVID-19, many Zags' bucket lists will have to be put on temporary hold. However,  there are still activities and events to participate in around campus that are unique to your experience here at GU. So go ahead, Zags, and make the most of your time here at GU. 

Kelly Coyne is a staff writer.

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