Hunt's atmosphere includes warm and natural tones in their decor to match their wild game inspired menu. 

Hunt is the hidden gem of the Spokane restaurant scene. Its unique menu and cozy atmosphere transport you from the middle of the bustling city to your grandfather's alpine cabin.

When you first walk in to the restaurant, located at 225 W. Riverside Ave STE C, you are greeted by the restaurant’s 115-year-old stairs and the elk skull that hangs above them. Upon descending, you enter the restaurant proper and are greeted by warm and cozy lighting that beautifully illuminates the bar’s bare brick wall, as well as the two sets of sporting-themed wallpapers.

One of these sets depicts fishing flies, kettles, pocket knives, pheasants and foxes. The other is a beautiful action photo of a man hunting quail.

“Roasted quail with charred broccolini, butternut and bbq” are several of many rustic offerings.

While I can’t personally speak to how good the quail is, if it's anything like their elk burger or pork shoulder, it will blow you away.

This is because Hunt prides itself on filling a niche in the restaurant world that was gone unfilled in Spokane until now. Hunt is one of the only restaurants to serve primarily wild game.

“It’s different … like you don't really get a game menu around town” said Holloway, the general manager.

The food and atmosphere combine to create one of the most amazing and unique dining experiences in Spokane.

“Our vibe is really great and super comfortable. I love how cozy it is down here. It’s different looking from any of the other spaces” said Holloway.

This view is shared by most of the staff as well. Anthony Burgess, the head bartender, said the best things about Hunt are the comfortable vibe, good food and atmosphere.

The atmosphere of Hunt harkens back to the old speak-easies of the Prohibition era while still maintaining the warm, welcoming vibe of a comfy cabin. Hunt is truly an all-encompassing experience.

Looking to the future, the restaurant is looking to add a permanent pub food menu that will complement the rotating game menu. They hope to get more into the nightlife scene.

“We are hoping to find ways to bring in people who want to drink a little bit more and stay out a little later,” said Holloway.

Not only is the restaurant itself a fantastic dining experience, the people who own and operate Hunt could not be more welcoming and kind. When Amanda Staples, an employee at the neighboring hair salon, tragically lost a family member, Tony Brown, Hunt’s owner, donated their event space free of charge for the memorial.

“It was just so nice and I got a little teary-eyed when they said it was going to be free … I really appreciate it — that's just the kinda guy Tony is” said Staples.

Hunt is so much more than simply a restaurant. Hunt and all its employees add so much to the Spokane community. Hunt is an experience and a place for the Spokanites to connect to both nature and each other.

You can follow Hunt on thier Instagram here

Andrew Löf is a staff writer.