GU campus, sunny at last

Students relax on Foley lawn, soaking up the long awaited spring sun. 

When the sun finally comes out — the snow melts and the breeze carries with it the gentle snipping of countless scissors across town furiously cutting their jeans into jorts. As people throw open their front door; legs, arms and gut newly exposed from the seasonal-puffer and displayed with the self-confidence of a Victoria’s Secret angel — there is no denying it is finally spring. 

After months of dry skin and unflattering layers, we can now freely blind people with our untanned skin and sheer excitement. But, do we even still know how to have fun in the sun the way people in a Blink-182 music video do, running naked in the streets of Los Angeles? And what is the best part of entering into a new season? 

“The best part about spring is being able to walk outside and not cringe because it is so cold,” sophomore Caroline Sonnen said. 

The only thing needed to remedy this fear is to take a short walk outside and much like people who have been kept in a bunker for 15 years, you will find everything is different. Walking has returned to the dangerous, extreme sport it was pre-snowmaggedon: bikers, dog walkers, skater boys and runners all chasing pavement harder than Adele could ever dream of doing. 

“I like to be outside. I like to walk around outside and going different place. Big spike ball person. I’ll go golfing with my grandma sometimes too,” senior Christina Briones said.

People are out, being active and healthy, or at least they pretend they are for a five-second Instagram boomerang before darting back into their house and into bed.

“I just like having my windows open and feeling the spring air in my room,” Brick Jennings, a junior, said.

For some, the warmer weather is received as a gentle awakening. For others, it reawakens the competition for outside real estate.  

“Christina's and my goal is to hammock between Desmet and Welch before we graduate. We have to beat those Desmet boys one day; not at just at hammock but at everything,” said senior Kayla Hondo.

When it hits 50 degrees, people begin to dress in their finest beach weather, bringing back the endlessly joyous slaps of a flip flop to soundtrack their walk the same way coconuts were used in Monty Python. We do this even when giant mounds of snow and ice still covers the majority of sidewalks and roads. 

Even if the temperatures don’t allow for full summer outfits, the spring state of mind is alive in us all. The only thing needed is to click your Birkenstocked feet three times and think of summer weather.

The sun not only makes people feel happier and jocks feel the need to utter the phrase, "suns out, guns out," multiple times per day. It also makes people just look better. 

We almost forgot what people look like removed from 10 layers of down coats. Many gaze in sheer wonderment, thinking "who are these attractive people?" 

While we are not exactly cool for the summer in the way that Demi Lovato is, we are getting closer and closer. After months of wishful thinking, tampering with the natural order through many unsanctioned and unsupervised prayer circles, as well as scrolling through people’s Instagram posts from the summer just to see the sun in their backgrounds. 

Life finally feels bright and easy, the way every new year should feel, as if we are all about to break out into a flash mob in a romantic comedy about the sun.

Spencer Brown is a staff writer.

Spencer Brown is a staff writer.

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