Taco Tuesday

Various tacos from Borrachos Tacos & Tequileria in Spokane, WA. Their tacos earned them the title of Best Taco Tuesday in Spokane.

Are you trapped in a world of the same old tedious and tiresome tacos on taco Tuesday? Is your normal taqueria not meeting the needs of your tenacious taco tastebuds? 

Then it’s time to turn your idea of tacos in Spokane upside down and put a twist in your taco Tuesday with some of the best taco destinations in Spokane. 

Tacos El Sol, 3422 N. Division St.:

When asking for recommendations of best taco joints in the area, no one mentioned Tacos El Sol, but when driving north up Division Street, its bright red building attracted my eye and my hungry stomach drew me in. 

Inside, I was welcomed by smiling employees and simply delicious soft tacos. The tacos were simple meat, onions and cilantro, with a bar of guacamole and salsa to flavor your food however you choose. 

I opted to enjoy my tacos plain and simple, a decision I immediately knew to be advantageous after my first bite of perfectly flavored beef and chicken.

At one of the lowest prices, $1.75 each for three tacos, Tacos El Sol was an outstanding discovery and a restaurant I will be returning to soon. 

Borracho Tacos & Tequileria, 211 N. Division St.: 

For the 21+ crowd, Borracho Tacos may have the highest approval rating. With tacos that are just $1.50 on Tuesdays and other deals on alcohol and chips and dip, Borrachos may be the ideal location for some in the crowd in search of more than just tacos. 

The Borracho benefit ascends food, as the restaurant’s location near popular downtown bars like The Globe and its late night hours, open till 2 a.m., are a major bonus for taco lovers everywhere.

Personally, I cannot atest for the taste of a taco at Borracho Tacos, but from those I know who have, no one has said a bad thing, especially when they treat themselves to late night tacos after a night on the town. 

De Leon Foods, 102 E. Francis Ave.: 

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, De Leon Foods, a grocery store and restaurant hybrid, is the place for you on taco Tuesday, or any day of the week. 

Pastries line the wall and piñatas hang from the ceiling. If the stores other tantalizing options don’t draw you in at first, $2.29 will buy you one flawlessly presented soft taco. 

De Leon Food’s tacos too were simple, just the basics, unless you request more, but they were good. 

With fresh meats in each taco, the quality of food cannot be questioned. 

Atilano’s Mexican Food, 725 W. 3rd Ave.: 

Atilano’s Mexican Food is a bit of a trek from campus, but if you can get there, it will likely be open and it will be delicious. 

If you need to cure your Mexican food hankering at an odd hour, Atilano’s may be your best option as the restaurant is open 6:30 a.m. till 3 a.m. every day,

Boasting an array of tender meat choices for your corn tortilla tacos and savory salsa, Atilano’s tacos leave your palate satisfied. 

For just $2.65 you’ll get a choice of a pair of delicious tacos, and for what its worth, the burritos are worth the buy as well. 

Other taco spots that receive high praise, but did not make the list include Cochinito Taqueria, 10 N. Post St., which is a favorite of many Zags, Chronic Tacos, 524 W. Main Ave., which sells tacos for $2 each on Tuesdays and in the Spokane Valley, Taqueria Guerrero, 8021 E. Sprague Ave, with dirt cheap $1 Taco Tuesdays. 

Ian Davis-Leonard is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @IanDavisLeonard

Ian Davis-Leonard is a sports editor.

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