Nestled inside Empire Fitness lies a brand new branch of Wellness Tree, a juice bar dedicated to making healthy living accessible.

Logan Neighborhood's new Wellness Tree is located inside the Matilda Building at 1028 N. Hamilton St.

The original Wellness Tree, located in the Perry District, was a mega-hit for GU students. So, the juice bar paired with Empire Fitness to bring business closer to students.

“We were approached by Empire a little bit ago and that’s kind of what got us thinking about it," said store owner Lauren Boldebuck. "We had been approached by a number of people at that time, [but] we liked Empire, and we liked the area.”

The Perry location is a health clinic as well, offering services such as naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care and acupuncture. The new branch is more of a juice bar, and serves food and drinks that are not only tasty, but healthy.

“We have a medical practice, which is kind of our main [focus]," Boldebuck said. "At the same time, it was a good opportunity, this just seems like a great place to be."

Callie Shaw, a senior nursing major at GU, frequents the Wellness Tree in South Hill and is excited for the new location.

“I no longer have to drive to Wellness Tree and it's nice to have another food and drink option near campus," Shaw said. "Their menu items are perfect to-go, making it an easy thing to grab in between class or when in a hurry.” 

The new Wellness Tree is inside Empire Fitness, creating a space dedicated to health. Boldebuck said the location inside the gym is a great fit, and the space is inviting, with plenty of sitting room and a welcoming vibe.

 “People are definitely curious about health, and they're excited for a fresh new thing," she said." I think the neighborhood needs it.”

Wellness Tree also offers options for people with dietary restrictions.

 “I love going to Wellness Tree because of their acai bowls," Shaw said. "I have food allergies relating to dairy and gluten, so it can be challenging to find food accommodations, but Wellness Tree is an exception."

Ultimately, the goal of Wellness Tree is to keep customers healthy. 

“Our goal was always to make naturopathic medicine, eating better and taking care of yourself more approachable," Boldebuck said. "That was kind of the idea of the juice bar. Even if you eat fast food all day and you get one green juice a week, it's better than nothing.”

Wellness Tree smoothies are popular, and its bowls are loved by many.

“The bowls are big. The peanut butter bowl, I would say, is our best seller, and the green and tropical are not too far behind,” Boldebuck said. “My favorite smoothie is the mint chocolate chip, but I'm a mint chocolate person.”

Shaw agreed that the store achieves its health-focused goal.

“The name of the company speaks for what they embody,” Shaw said.  “They are promoting human wellness. Their menu includes a variety of fresh, healthy options that will give you a boost of antioxidants and vitamins. It's a great way to reset my mind and body.”

In addition to the wealth of healthy foods, the space has lots of seating, tables and outlets for charging electronics. It’s a good place to do homework, meet a friend or enjoy a juice or bowl. The staff is always readily available to answer questions about health, ingredients and recommend new things.

“By coming in and being able to get a juice, a smoothie or whatever it may be, you kind of get a feel for what we do,” Boldebuck said. “I think we're always trying to create an inviting space for anyone to come.”

Jordan Tolbert is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @Jordanvtolbert.

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