From Sandpoint, Idaho to Spokane, Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters is making its mark on the Pacific Northwest as a coffee company that cares about people and cares about sustainable sourcing. 

Rick and Randy Evans started Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters in 2009 with a goal to connect local community members to one another and the origin of their coffee. The duo set out to search for coffee that was not only sustainable, organic and fair trade, but also to create relationships with producers. 

In November, the company opened its first Spokane location in the Wonder Building at 835 N. Post St. The coffee shop is part of what the Wonder Building is calling the “Wonder Market,”­ an artisan food and drink space that  highlights unique baristas, regional chefs and restaurateurs, while promoting a community-driven environment. 

The historic space houses a perfect atmosphere for coffee with friends, studying, reading a book or simply enjoying a delicious cup of fair trade coffee. The brick building maintains balance between a historic and an industrial feel. 

To the right of the café is an art gallery, which customers are free to tour while sipping on or waiting for coffee. To the left, there is a lobster bar, High Tide Lobster Bar, where visitors can snag a quick bite to eat. 

“Evans Brothers is a place where everyone is welcome," said Morgan Burgin, a barista at the Spokane location. "We are excited that each location is a place that so many different types of people can come to and feel comfortable. We want every person that comes in to know that this is their space just as much as it is ours.”  

Burgin  has been a barista at the Wonder Building location since it opened. He said the people he meets every day, his coworkers and the exceptional quality of coffee is what makes his job special. 

Coffee lovers can find all types of classic espresso drinks on the menu,  such as cappuccinos, americanos and lattes, but they can also venture out and explore specialty coffee selections. One of the newest Evans Brothers exclusive creations is the Snowdrift Latte: a cardamom and vanilla latte with juniper berry-infused oat milk. The flowery, soothing flavors of cardamom and vanilla paired with the juniper create a taste reminiscent of the winter.

Along with its wide variety of coffee and tea selections, the café also offers breakfast burritos and goodies sourced from local companies in Spokane, such as Boots Bakery. 

Seasonal drinks rotate on the menu throughout the year and new creations are always in the works. The roasts are smooth, rich and full of culture. Customers can taste the origins of their coffee, sourced from other countries, while being connected to the Pacific Northwest. 

“Rick and Randy Evans have established a really meaningful philosophy by maintaining good relationship with farmers,” said barista Savannah Philson. “They travel to the countries where the beans are from, and they bring back the coolest stories and the best tasting coffee. It’s a super cool method of being involved in every step from growing to serving.”

The shop is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Allie Noland is a staff writer.

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