Commentary by Vinny Saglimbeni 

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most exciting advancements in gaming history and the hype around the PS5 should be justifiably worth the wait. When looking at what device to purchase for your next console, look no further than the PS5.

To the credit of previous assets of Xbox, the PS5 controller is reported to be a bigger controller than the traditional PS4 controller. Many of the complaints that have been made about PS4 have been the controller size, but with the new increased size of the controllers, it could potentially see traditional Xbox players transition back to the PlayStation scene.

 Another advantage that the PS5 has over the Xbox Series X is the use of PlayStation Plus to play the hottest and trendiest games in the gaming scene. The most recent example of a game that has popped off is “Fall Guys,” a battle royale multiplayer game where you can play with your friends and fight for that final spot and earn the all-coveted crown. The PlayStation 5 will continue to provide high quality games for PlayStation Plus users.

Furthermore, a big advantage that the PS5 will have over the Xbox Series X is the downloading time. In a CNN Business article written by Shannon Liao entitled, “A side-by-side comparison of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X,” Liao mentioned that both gaming systems have 16 GB of memory. However, the downloading time of the PS5 pushes the PS5 ahead of the Xbox Series X.

“The PS5 can push through data at 5.5 GB per second, compared to the Xbox Series X, which works at 2.4GB per second,” Liao writes. “That could mean marginally faster load times, and less time spent on a loading screen.”

Especially during a day and age of wanting everything quickly and readily available, the PS5 is the console you want for a reliable and fast gaming console. 

Finally, another addition that has been made to both consoles is a digital download of the software of each console. The download of the PS5 and Xbox Series X software is less expensive than the console, as the graphics of the software download are not as high-powered as buying the console. The Xbox Series X software download at $100 is cheaper than the PS5, which is an indication that the Xbox Series X is competing more with the new PS5 rather than vice versa. 

PlayStation consoles have been dominating the console gaming scene the past few years, and Xbox is doing everything it can to get back on top of the gaming scene, which doesn’t look promising with the advancements of the PS5.

Commentary by Luke Modugno

The choice this November is quite clear. No, I’m not talking about the coming election, but something far more important: PlayStation 5 (PS5)  versus the Xbox Series X.

With the coming release of next generation consoles, the console wars are back and more toxic than ever. After the PlayStation 4’s sizeably outsold the Xbox One over the past seven years following their releases, Microsoft has an inticing deal to offer gamers to lure them into purchasing an Xbox Series X.

Gamers looking for the console with the cleanest and most crisp graphics should look no further than the Xbox Series X. Excluding gaming PCs, the Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful gaming console on the market. With a more advanced CPU, storage space and a far superior graphics processing unit (GPU), Xbox Series X puts the PS5 to shame in terms of specs and hardware.

Considering us college gamers can’t buy either console with Bulldog Bucks, most of us will likely be going with the cheaper option of the two. With that being said, the regular, top-performing editions of each console will cost you an arm-and-a-leg at $500 each.

However, both Sony and Microsoft are offering cheaper alternatives to their next-generation consoles. Alongside PS5, Sony is offering a digital version of the console, which will not have a disc reader, therefore not allowing you to buy physical copies of games, play older games you have on disc or watch Blu-ray movies. If you’re willing to sacrifice those features, then the PS5 becomes more affordable at $400. 

However, Microsoft offers an even sweeter deal. The Xbox Series S is the smallest and cheapest Xbox to date. Similarly to the PS5 digital edition, the console has no disc reader, but also has less storage space and doesn’t quite compete with the godly hardware and graphics capabilities of the Xbox Series X. The console also will have longer loading times, but can still run games at the same frame rate as both Xbox Series X and PS5. Priced at just $300, the Series S will be a popular gift option this holiday season.

Besides the cheaper prices and higher-performance, Xbox’s new video game streaming feature titled Game Pass and its lineup of exclusive games unavailable on PS5 gives it even more of an edge over the Sony console. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service available to Xbox gamers and PC gamers on Windows 10. Forbes described it as “Netflix for video games,” as subscribers gain access to over 100 games made by a wide array of publishers for just $9.99 per month. Games available to subscribers include Minecraft, the Halo series, Destiny, Mortal Kombat X, various games from the Fallout franchise and a plethora of Xbox 360 games. Additionally, those who choose a financing plan to purchase Xbox Series X will get the Game Pass free of charge. And with Microsoft’s recent multibillion-dollar purchase of Bethesda Studios (creators of Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM series’), the repertoire of exclusive games only grows to frustrate Sony and PS5 players.

Offering a superior console in terms of performance, a more affordable console with the financing plans and Xbox Series S and vastly improved library of exclusive games, the Xbox is the only way to go this November.


Luke Modugno is an arts & entertainment editor. Follow him on Twitter: @lmodugno5.

Vinny Saglimbeni is a Sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @vinnysaglimbeni

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