Food  can  be  so  much  more  than  just a  necessity.  Food  is  culture,  community and compassion. It’s the art you get to then eat  and  share  that  with  the  masses.  Food is love.

As   a   college   student,   food   isn’t   as  accessible as it once was. With our parents living states away, it’s now up to us to buy the ingredients, prep and then cook them. That is time and effort that could be spent doing other   important adulting tasks.   

However,  I  am  here  to  share  some  easy  dorm  kitchen  dishes  that  could  be  either indulged  just  by  you  or  shared  amongst your hungry peers.

In the theme of winter, where the chills dampen  both  body  and  spirit,  ramen  will reinvigorate  the  body.  Wash  it  down  with some milk tea and wrap it up with what I like to call, “crumble in a mug.” This food should  not  only  be  filling  and  tasty,  but  sustainable as well.

Since these recipes will leave  you  with  leftover  ingredients,  you’ll  

have the components to experiment later.



• 4 cups water

• 2 clean black tea bags

• 1 cup soy milk

• 4 tablespoons honey


Start by heating the water and turn off

the stove when the water reaches a rolling

boil.  Pour  the  water  into  a  container  that  

won’t  break  in  the  fridge,  like  Pyrex  glass  

cups,  stainless-steel  containers,  or  wide-

lipped mason jars. Put the tea bags in the

cup  and  let  it  sit  for  a  minute.  Then  pour  

in milk and stir for 10 seconds. Add honey

and stir for 20 seconds. Lastly, put it in the

fridge  and  let  it  sit  for  about  20  minutes,  

or until you finish cooking. If the tea isn’t

cooling  fast  enough  after  leaving  the  tea  

in  the  fridge  for  5  minutes,  put  it  in  the  

freezer to hasten the cooling process.



• 2 packs of Instant Ramen

• 2 eggs

• 2 tablespoons sesame oil

•  (Optional:  Add  "meat"  product; i.e., spam, turkey, bacon)


Start by following the directions on the

ramen  package.  Then  stir  the  flavor  base  

into  the  pot,  add  eggs  and  scramble  it  in  

the pot. Add sesame oil to the pot and stir

for  10  seconds.  Turn  off  the  stove  and,  

cover  and  let  it  sit  for  45  seconds.  Plate  it  

and serve.



• 3/4 cup crumble base (ie. granola,

cereal, grounded up graham cracker)

• 2 tablespoons jam or jelly

• ¼ cup milk (opt. use the milk tea)


Start  by  adding  1/4  cup  of  crumble  as  

a  base  into  the  mug.  Then  add  jam/jelly  

in  the  mug  and  cover  with  another  half  

cup  of  crumble.  Pour  about  a  fifth  cup  of  

milk  into  the  mug  and  heat  it  up  in  the  

microwave  for  25  seconds.  Pour  another  

half cup of milk and stir and enjoy.

Food   is   a   bridge   of   communities   

that    transcends    language    and    visual    

communication.    A good  chef  would  realize that the best part of their job is not the  perfection,  but  the  satisfaction  of  the  people you have served.

Ryan Liam is a videographer.

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