A Gonzaga student studying in Hemm Denn

The Hemm Den offers students a variety of food options with a relaxing atmosphere. 

 As exciting as college is for all incoming and undoubtedly impressionable freshmen, there is one inevitability that continues to plague every university student’s academic experience — studying. No one likes it. No one wants to do it. But alas, we’ve all agreed to voluntarily subject ourselves to it for another four years.

Studying is not an activity that anyone particularly enjoys engaging in, but since you’re already here it doesn’t hurt to check out six of the best study spots on Gonzaga’s campus. 

Not to mention, these insider secrets will be especially useful when the doomed dead week comes around. Yes, I’m talking about finals week. Scary. 

1. Hemm Den  

Coming in at No. 1 on our list is Hemm Den and for good reason. The most important feature it touts: impeccable food accessibility. Not only is it conveniently surrounded by The Marketplace, COG, Starbucks and Wolfgang Puck, it’s also next to the Foley Library, making the basement of the John J. Hemmingson Center one of the most common places for students to study.

It’s equipped with tables for individual or group studying and couches to transfer to when you’re on hour five of sitting in the same position during finals week.

Because of its location, Hemm Denn is great for those who need a convenient place to study but don’t necessarily need total silence. Plus, the top floors of Hemmingson offer tons of light if you are ever in need of a quick and refreshing place to hit the books during the daytime. And who can forget the infamous spinning chairs? 

2. Foley Library 

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone almost always associates libraries with scholarly activities and productivity; GU is no different.

The most attractive part of Foley is that each floor is organized by noise level. Like Hemmingson, it’s a great place to quickly print and allows for collaborative work (the bottom floor) as well as total silence (the top floors).

The desktops at Foley are also available for student use, which is awesome should you ever run into any technological issues with your own laptop or forget to bring a charging cable to the library and your laptop dies. It happens. 

3. Rosauer 

The secret is out. Rosauer does indeed have a stellar study space. Technically Rosauer is GU’s Education building, but the main floor also offers a printer and peaceful booths for all types of crash-coursing (we’ve all been there).

It’s great for those that prefer studying in spaces with fewer people and is super convenient for students who live closer to the north side of campus (Lincoln and Alliance).

It also has a super comfy atmosphere, aka great for 10-minute head-on-table power naps. 

4. Jepson Lounge 

Jepson is one of the buildings a lot of students frequently have classes in, so if you spend a lot of time on this side of campus it’s good to know it also offers plenty of space to take a quick break in between classes or study for your next exam.

It’s also home to Thomas Hammer, which is arguably the superior destination for coffee on campus. It had to be said. 

5. College Hall 

If you’re looking for a place to study with your friends in between classes, GU’s oldest building is the place to go.

After class hours, students can crash any of the rooms for all their studying needs. The cool part about College Hall is that it’s one of the least common spaces to study so it’s pretty often that you’ll find yourself occupying a whole level.

The main floor also offers large rooms for students to study or hold meetings. The vintage architecture makes it easy on the eyes when you’re zoning out, but not for too long because it’s very obvious scholarly vibe will most certainly bring you back to consciousness.

Fr. Joseph Cataldo did not create this establishment for you to daydream. 

5.The Goller Classroom  

This one is a slightly more exclusive option, but if you have the fortune (or misfortune) of knowing anyone who lives in Goller, the classroom connected to it is probably one of the best spaces to study either alone or with friends at odd hours.

You do need a Goller keycard to enter which is one of its biggest disadvantages. However, unlike Hemmingson or the library, it never closes so if you want the option to ride till dawn or go on romantic 12-hour dates with your physics homework the choice is yours. 

Kellie Tran is a staff writer.

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