Whether it be for health or personal reasons, diets are a great way to introduce healthy options to your body. There are many diets with varying levels of difficulty, and not all diets are for everyone. Keto specifically fits my lifestyle, and in my opinion, Keto is only moderately difficult.

The Keto diet is supposed to switch your body from burning carbs and sugar, to start prioritizing burning the fat. The foods you have to avoid are bread, rice and noodles. Also, keep an eye out for fried foods, because these also contain carbs. Cutting all sugars are essential to this diet, so sadly fruits and desserts need to be cut as well. However, salads using Keto friendly dressing like ranch, Italian vinaigrette and Green Goddess are okay.

The COG usually has some great Keto friendly options, often found at World’s Fair, while 360 also is great as long as you don’t get rice or noodles. If you want to travel outside campus, the best Keto friendly places are Jimmy Johns and Qdoba. At Jimmy Johns, getting the lettuce wrap, or unwich, is a Keto alternative to some freaky fast subs. At Qdoba, ordering a salad without any dressing, and only having queso and sour cream is fine.

The one notable side effect of Keto is at the end of the first week or two, you start developing a headache and drowsiness, and this is called the Keto flu. 

To avoid health risks, specifically to the heart and kidneys, only do this diet for a maximum seven weeks, and after this time slowly reintroduce carbs into your diet. However, don’t go overboard because your body cannot process this surge well, and you may regain all the weight you have lost. Doctors seem to be torn on Keto.

If Keto doesn’t match you, here are some alternatives. The easiest change is just to change the food you eat, practicing moderation and being food conscious. Instead of grabbing a burger, make a salad, instead of eating a bag of chips, grab a piece of fruit. The only drawback is that the results take a lot of time to take effect, and it is easy to break, persistence and patience is key.

Diets that are similar in difficulty and achieve results in the same time frame to Keto are plant-based diets like vegetarianism and veganism, and specific food diets like Pescetarianism and the Atkins Diet. Pescetarianism is cutting out all meat except fish, while Atkins is cutting out everything except meat products, prioritizing red meat. Atkins can only be implemented for a short period of time because like Keto, most of the calories are derived from protein, which can be hard on the kidneys, and can lead to health problems such as high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. I would advise no longer than four weeks of dedicated Atkins dieting.

   Diets can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be. The key to all these diets is to stay hydrated and drinks a lot of water, at a minimum eight cups a day. Diets are a great way to treat your body well and keep functioning normally.

Ryan Liam is a staff writer.

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