April Fools Commentary

April fools Commentary

For some people, waking up to a glistening stack of presents underneath the Christmas Tree or counting and trading Halloween candy is the ultimate festivity of the year.

However, for the more mischievous of people out there, there is nothing more exhilarating than a day dedicated to scheming: April Fools’.

There is no greater satisfaction than pulling together the perfect prank. For some, including me, scheming warms the soul and fuels the spirit.

To pull off the perfect prank you have to be patient enough to put in multiple hours with the hopes that in the end you get to yell, “April Fools’!” for a mere 3 seconds.

That’s what sophomore Jill Coleman did one year.

“I’ve only done one trick on April  Day. I was 11 years old and at the time it was hilarious.” Coleman said.  “Basically, I just got a cardboard box and wrote ‘Happy early Easter! Open now’ on the top. I cut a hole in the side and moved the box to the edge of my sister’s bed. Then I hid under her bed for probably around two hours until she came in and opened the box. I put my arm through the hole and sprayed her with a squirt gun and yelled ‘April Fools’!’ She cried and I got in trouble.”

My freshmen year, I was lucky enough to become best friends with a girl whose yearly anticipation also revolved around the first of April. We made a rookie mistake and got too wrapped up in our responsibilities and dropped the ball on devising the perfect April  prank.

That day, we went on a walk to brainstorm and we stumbled upon a ginormous, bright road sign that had been knocked down. Naturally, we thought this was our big break. We were going to take it back to CM and leave it there, which looking back was a horrible idea. We scurried back as fast as we could with giant dumb grins on our face. As we rounded a corner we ran into someone with our sign.

He looked a little out of it so we tried to keep on going but then he yelled, “Hey, you girls know it’s federal offense to take a road sign.”

Sheepishly and without much time to think of a cover, we blurted that it was just for an art project and we would put it back right away.

He then drew closer and said, “And you know I’m a cop so…” and he lifted up his shirt to reveal a small pistol tucked into his belt.

We were speechless, ready to drop this giant sign on our feet. After 5 long seconds, his wrinkly face contracted and as he started to crack up he said, “don’t worry, I’m not a cop. Have a good day.”

He then rounded the corner and disappeared.

While there are some years that backfire on you, there are others where pranks prevail. Parents are often the best victims due to their unconditional love and trust in you.

Junior Olivia Antoine fooled her mom last year into what might be a mother’s worst nightmare.

“Last year I created a fake Gmail with the address, ‘thaynemcculoh.gonzaga.edu@gmail.com’ and sent my mom an email explaining the office of community standards received a report of my possession of false identification,” Antoine said. “I referenced a suspension letter from the school and mimicked the wording and design. The letter explained a meeting was scheduled that would likely result in more serious punishment. At the end of the letter it said a big ‘April Fools’.’ ”

To those who have been schemed, like junior Rob Hill, April Fools’ is a day that reminds them how much they appreciate their friends’ creativity.

“I still remember my confusion freshmen year when I opened my room door and saw 20 Vienna sausages hanging from my ceiling,” he said. “Definitely the weirdest prank that’s ever happened to me.”

Whether you like to sit back and enjoy the show or are like me and roped one of your friends into creating a fake Craigslist ad listing free yoga certified goats with your victim’s phone number, April  is a day of pranks, laughter and maybe even tears.

Valerie Fetzer is a staff writer.

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