In a time of incredible uncertainty, movies and TV shows have been a stabilizing force for people all around the world. While movie theaters may have closed their doors for the majority of the year, streaming and on-demand services became the main place where people got their entertainment.

TV shows specifically have brought people together in a time where people couldn’t be physically together. Online discourse over shows like "Tiger King" back in March gave people a break from the constant, heart-wrenching news cycle. Here is a list of some of the most memorable movies and TV shows from the most memorable year in recent history. 


"Invisible Man" Released on on-demand services in March, "Invisible Man," tells a haunting story about a woman leaving an abusive relationship while being “haunted” by her late husband. Not only was it an intense story line that kept watchers engaged throughout, but it left viewers continuing the conversation after the movie had finished. It's a perfect story for a scary movie night with a group of friends. 

"Hamilton" The smash-hit Broadway show finally made its way to Disney+ at the beginning of July this year. Not only did previous fans of the show get to watch it whenever they want without spending the hefty price tag of the original Broadway show, but it created a whole new crowd of fans of the musical, whether they are previous Broadway fans or not. Hamilton being available to the masses also paved the road for a bunch of memes, most known for being found on the app TikTok. 

"Black is King" — Directed, written and produced by superstar Beyoncé, Black is King is a visual album released on Disney+ at the end of July. In a summer where racial tensions were higher than ever before, it showed a beautiful story from the viewpoint of a Black man, highlighting Black identity and Black Pride. Beyoncé shocked many this year after being nominated for a number of Grammys set to premiere in early 2021. 

"The King of Staten Island" "Saturday Night Live’s" favorite heart-throb made his starring-role debut in his movie King of Staten Island this past summer, which is loosely based off of Pete Davidson’s life growing up in Staten Island after losing his father to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. The movie is a comical yet heartwarming story that left many viewers with tears in their eyes after it finished. 


TV Shows:

"Love is Blind" This new reality TV show debuted in early 2020 asking the question, is love really blind? "Love is Blind" became the new binge-worthy romance reality TV show in the early parts of quarantine, many tuned in to see the drama that unfolded, as well as the many meme formats. This show was light-hearted and fun during a time where that was hard to come by. 

"Tiger King" It would be absolutely insane to write an article on TV shows and movies that stole the spotlight in 2020 without mentioning Tiger King. This show was all people could talk about at the beginning of the lockdowns around the US in March. While it followed the story of a bunch of kooky-cat lovers in the South, it brought the world together in a time where we all desperately needed it. 

"The Crown" Going into the second round of lockdowns in early November, many people are sprinting to their Netflix accounts to find a new show to watch. The long awaited fourth season of the Netflix original "The Crown" finally featured Princess Diana and followed her relationship with Prince Charles and the royal family. Talk about the royal family sky-rocketed across all forms of social media (including a fair amount of hatred toward the next in line to the throne, Prince Charles). This drama gives people an inside look into the royal family in times where people desperately wanted an inside look and the outpour of positive responses to the show over the past few weeks has marked its importance during 2020. 

"The Home Edit" Many people spent more time at home than ever before this year, which is why "The Home Edit," a Netflix original series on home organization makes the cut for one of the most influential TV shows this year. It follows a group of women who are part of an organizing company going to clean up and organize peoples closets, kitchens, or really any part of the house. The show gave people the opportunity to see what could make their vast amount of time spent at home a little cleaner and nicer. 

Lindsey Wilson is a staff writer.

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