Trip At Knight Album Cover

Trippie Redd's album cover

On "Trip at Knight" Ohio rapper and producer Trippie Redd sticks to what he does best, for better or worse. 

"Trip at Knight" can be best described as a 'trap metal' album that utilizes video gamelike synth beats, catchy hooks and well-used features to entrance listeners into his vision of rage music. This can best be heard on the appropriately named "Miss the Rage." The synth-pop beat practically screams into the soul of listeners while the intoxicating hook "I can't see a damn thing if it ain't guap" is rapped on repeat.

The choice to feature known rage-inducer Playboi Carti is perfect and pushes the song to be one of Trippie’s best songs that he has put out in a long time. It is hard not to rock out with Trippie on the highs of the album. 

The same head banging style works on "Molly Hearts" and "Finish Line." The repetitive and catchy hook "off the molly water" on "Molly Hearts" and "off sh*t, off sh*t" on "Finish Line," along with the atari-style beats will get any rap fan ready to throw themselves into a mosh pit.

While this formula can be very effective, the sound can wear on listeners. By song No. 11 on the album, "Vibes," the formula has somewhat overstayed its welcome and every song starts to blend into one.

The XXXTentacion, Lil Durk and Sada Baby features give the album a little more life, but the second half is much less exciting that the first half. Songs like "Space Time" and "Baki" are unable to make themselves stand out and get lost in the synth overdose that is "Trip at Knight."

The track "Danny Phantom" was especially disappointing. Leading up to the album's release, there was a lot of hype around the song due to a known X and a preview of the beat from Trippie himself.

While the X feature is quality and the beat is hype, almost a minute of the barely two minute song is intro and outro and Trippie barely has a presence on the song. In the end, one of the most highly anticipated songs feels incomplete and thrown together.

On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised by "Betrayal." The song has some of Trippie’s catchiest bars on the album, including the basic but memorable hook "Paper planes, Novocaine, Mary Jane, say one thing to me, you Texas toast, no Raising Cane's." The song also features ‘Certified Lover Boy’ rapper Drake, who flows surprisingly well on a Trippie Redd beat. The production on the song is almost obnoxiously chaotic, but both Drake and Trippie make the song worth repeated listens.

"Trip at Knight" was not made with the goal of being a groundbreaking masterpiece, it was made for Trippie Redd fans, TikTokers and music listeners who want to rage.

The album can best be described as a sugar rush of hyperpop beats tied together with Trippie Redd’s hype-inducing bars. The album’s highs are invigorating but get repetitive over time.

Rating: 6/10

Favorite Songs:

Miss the Rage

Molly Hearts

Finish Line


Nathan Omodt is a staff writer. 

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