Valentine's Day gone wrong: Horror stories by Gonzaga Students

Whether you're single, taken, or it's complicated, there is always a chance for a Valentine's Day miracle or Valentine's Day mayhem. 

As a person that loves to hate, being negative on Valentine's Day is one of my favorite pastimes. Pink is an ugly color, love isn’t real and happiness is overrated. If this sentence makes you feel some degree of relatability, then you probably also enjoy reading about others' failures. 

I truly don’t enjoy watching people fail. But since I'll be sitting on my couch alone for the eighteenth Valentines Day, I need to figure out new methods of entertainment. Reading Valentines Day horror stories on Reddit in the dark is one of them.

A month of love and romance can go wrong faster than you might think. Here are four Valentine's Day horror stories from our less-fortunate peers at Gonzaga that are sure to assuage your loneliness. People that are in love can’t have it all. As the single population would probably say, it be like that sometimes. 


“Last year on Valentine's Day I was dating this guy that I really, really, really liked for like four years and he had invited me over to his house for the first time. I was super nervous to be meeting his parents already, but the date was going really well until the end. This guy I was seeing always talked about his dog Fidel and he’d send me pictures of him all the time so obviously I was really excited to meet the dog. Well, when I was leaving his house I finally saw the dog and started petting him and saying things like ‘oh Fidel is so cute!’ As I was saying that, his dad, whom I had never met before, walked in and started giving me really weird looks. So naturally I started panicking a little and that’s when the guy I was dating whispered in my ear and told me that his dog actually wasn’t named Fidel. It’s actually Maui but he just trained it to answer to Fidel. I never went over again.” 

The Loneliness

“My Valentine’s Day horror story is that I have been celebrating singles awareness day for 18 years now. That’s it.” 


“This might be TMI, but honestly it’s a really good life lesson. Essentially the story goes: I tested positive for an STI on Valentine’s Day a couple years ago. Which yeah, would normally just be embarrassing and kind of funny since it’s Valentine's Day and a normal person would just treat it and move on, but that is not what happened to me. I was mainly just really confused on how it could have occurred, since my boyfriend and I were each other's firsts and I have been tested before. So long story short I brought it up to him and found out he cheated on me with this other girl and he didn’t know she had it and then proceeded to not let me know. Basically the worst Valentine's Day ever.” 

Hot Tub

“Our Valentine’s Day date was basically one of the very first times we hung out. I was really ready to hang out with him because he wanted to go in the hot tub at his house and the new bathing suit I got for the occasion was really cute. Well, we go in and I’m feeling cute, but the thing is I also overheated really fast which is an issue. When we finally got out of the tub I felt extremely dizzy and I knew it was coming. I passed out in his basement. Fully moist from the tub and everything. It was embarrassing.” 

Single Pringle

“My girlfriend broke up with me before Valentine’s Day. I cried.”

Kellie Tran is a staff writer.

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