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RÜT is open Wednesday to Monday, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Looking to become a regular? Look no further, and lay down your roots at RÜT Bar & Kitchen. 

RÜT Bar & Kitchen, located on the South Hill at 901 W. 14th Ave., invites people of all diets to explore its plant-based, all-vegan menu. The restaurant aims for customers to experience healthy comfort food and to be aware of the environmental, communal and health impacts when it comes to vegan recipes.  

Co-owners of the restaurant, Josh Lorenzen and Justin Oliveri, opened RÜT Bar & Kitchen in spring 2019, and have seen huge success in the Spokane community. 

“RÜT was created not only by the owners’ deep friendship and vegan diets, but also their substantial experience in the food industry,” reads the home page on RÜT’s website.

RÜT is changing the narrative for vegan food. It is no longer only for vegans and vegetarians, it’s for everyone.  

“We really want to market toward omnivores,” said Lorenzen, who also works as the chef. “We want everyone to like and enjoy plant-based food. We want people to be excited about vegan food. That was a huge part of our opening model.” 

RÜT’s menu features a variety of vegetable dishes, along with meat alternative dishes. The RÜT burger is a classic on the menu: Impossible Burger patty, house-made tomato jam, vegan American cheese, lettuce and vegan garlic aioli on a toasted bun. For many, it satisfies the burger craving without even taking a second look at a beef burger. 

“It’s fun to make the comfort food staples that I had throughout my life out of ingredients that I never thought I could use,” Lorenzen said.

Other unique menu items include the Thai ginger cauliflower wings, bratwurst bowl, truffle mac, fried “not-chicken” sandwich and Indian shakshuka. 

“I don’t even think about it as vegan anymore,” Lorenzen said. “It’s all food. It’s the same concept: fat, salt, acid and balance. It’s all about the swap of ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients to choose from that have similar properties to animal products that you just wouldn’t think of, because you never tried.”

Not only does RÜT focus on creating delectable plates of beautifully crafted food, it centers on environmental impact and consumer awareness. 

“The idea is to be more aware of what your food is doing to your body, to be aware of what it is doing to our planet and to be aware of the impact on the agricultural system and industrial revolution,” Lorenzen said.  

RÜT’s message promotes the idea of a welcoming space and an inviting atmosphere. The creation of the casual yet special dining experience makes vegan eating more approachable for those interested in exploring alternative cuisine. 

The earthy tones highlighted in the interior design of the restaurant create a space of comfort and cleanliness. Nature-inspired paintings  and the mirror on the back wall open up the space.

The vibe of RÜT emphasizes the notion it is a place for everyone. Lorenzen and Oliveri want to share and create an awareness for how tasty vegan food can be. 

“You can still eat creamy, cheesy things while being vegan,” Lorenzen said. “It’s all about the right alternatives. The food is simple, creative, and done well.”

Spokane is growing and so is its mindset. The owners said many customers aren’t vegan or vegetarian, but are there for the well-made, delicious food. People in the community are starting to understand  it is possible to have an animal-product-free meal every once in a while. 

“We are promoting health in general, but also, a culture, lifestyle and mindset,” Lorenzen said. 

Allie Noland is a staff writer.

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