We’ve all been there. The anxious scramble that sets in as you feel your stomach gnaw for food, yet you realize you barely have food, and don’t know how to cook much.

Plotting food can be tough, especially after transitioning from on-campus housing into the Logan Neighborhood. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fallen into that position a plethora of times last year. However, after a while, macaroni and cheese and quesadillas do in fact begin to weigh you down, both physically and emotionally.

One of the biggest burdens of moving off campus is your breakup with the COG.

“I miss the accessibly of cooked meals without worrying about actually making it or cleaning it up after,” junior Katie Connolly said.

Although the transition can be tough, it will test your creativity.

“For dinner one night I had a slice of American cheese and dry granola,” junior McKenzie Craig said. “[I] also found that green goddess dressing from Trader Joe’s makes everything better.”

However not having a fully-stocked kitchen can often lead you to hidden gems, like it did for senior James McClune and his beloved Sriracha Eggo’s.

“I just ran out of syrup one time,” McClune said.

There are times when your food situation might get discouraging, as it does for all of us.

“It feels like every meal takes effort to put together so making something easy sometimes overrules trying to make something better for me,” junior Sophie Dewitt said.

“I’m worried that when my schedule starts to get busy that I won’t want to cook myself a meal,” Connolly said.

With this being said, meal prepping is a great way around a cooking slump and a hectic schedule. Many people tend to meal prep with a versatile protein, like chicken or tofu, vegetables and a grain at the beginning of the week in large quantities.

Senior Zach Schneider, who has a passion for cooking, shared some of his tips.

“As a college student, it can become pretty difficult to cook healthy while on a budget. My advice to all college students is to explore and find new flavors you like, but try to find common ingredients in recipes,” Schneider said. “Don’t waste $10 on organic leeks at Safeway that only one recipe asks for. I also found it important to plan ahead before going to the grocery store because I tend to spend a lot more at grocery stores than I need to at Trader Joe’s.”

Amid all the suggestions and recipes you encounter, don’t stress out if there is a night, or binge, when you find yourself eating macaroni and cheese or Sriracha Eggo’s again. Ultimately, there are other things to stress out about in college.

To any underclassmen or those still with a meal plan, appreciate the COG and its convenience. And if you can, swipe us in every once in a while because it will truly make our day.

Here are a couple of easy, go-to recipes to fill your bellies on a busy day.

When you want something fast and healthy:

Chicken Avocado Salad:

2 medium cooked shredded chicken breasts (can substitute with tofu or beans)

2 ripe avocados

½ cup canned corn

¼ cup on red or green onion

2 tablespoons lime

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper

When you want something creative and on-the-go:

Walking Tacos:

Ground turkey meat or beef (can substitute with black beans)

Taco seasoning


Shredded cheese


Personal Doritos bag (crush your Doritos and add all taco ingredients into bag, just add a fork).

Valerie Fetzer is a staff writer. 


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