On Monday night, in a brick-lined room at the Spokane Comedy Club, former Vine star Nick Colletti performed his stand-up comedy show. 

“I want to get all the internet stuff out of the way,” Colletti said as soon as he walked up to the mic and then proceeded to reference all his past Vines and internet culture from the good old days.

The crowd was mostly full of dedicated fans who had known Colletti and his work  since he first started on Vine. From the time Colletti walked out until he walked off the stage, the audience was laughing at everything he said and there was a definite feeling of adoration from everyone who was watching him. 

“I’ve really been following him since he was on Vine, I loved his Vines so much,” show-goer Jeff Jepson said. 

Many even traveled to Spokane from far cities just for the night to see Colletti’s set.

“I loved the show, I have been a fan of Nick for many years now,” show-goer John Cosso said. ”I came all the way up from Moscow, Idaho, this afternoon just to see him.”

Colletti wanted the show to be a hybrid, where he would talk about all the major events of his life and then “sprinkle in” some jokes. His set went from how he first started on Vine, moving to Los Angeles, to trying to date when everyone on Tinder would quote his Vines back to him.

“I was just hanging out at a party when some friend told me that Cody Ko liked one of my Vines so I immediately moved to California,” Colletti said. 

While some might not be as familiar with his earlier fame on Vine, Colletti can be found in starring alongside Jimmy Tatro in “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” on Facebook. 

“I try to watch his new stuff whenever it comes up or when I can,” show-goer Elizabeth Ferro said.

Regardless of what their favorite thing Colletti has done throughout his career or how they knew his name, it was clear that he was beloved by everyone in the crowd. As soon as his set ended, people started asking how they could meet him. People turned to other audience members and in a panicked way asked “He’s coming back out right?”

“I don’t think I have a favorite part," Cosso said. "I mean I loved the whole show so much, just getting to see Nick Colletti in person was enough for me quite honestly.” 

Spencer Brown is an arts & entertainment editor.

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