"Slime Language 2" was long overdue. In less than three days, the 23-song album has become one of my favorites. It’s been on repeat.

From top to bottom, the production of the album is amazing. Young Thug, Gunna and Young Stoner Life Records took their time editing and laying the perfect tracks and it shows. 

The songs produced on the album have their own individual messages that are portrayed in a way that flows together harmoniously. The music is meaningful and isn’t just artists depending on a beat to make them sound good.

There are a couple songs I feel could have been left out like “Superstar” and “Como Te Llama” because they weren’t as strong as the other songs within the album. 

My favorite features included Drake, Big Sean, Karlee, Coi Leray, YNW Melly, Lil Baby and Lil Duke. They took the album to another level that I think showed a side to Thugger’s producing ability that doesn’t always get to be seen.

The trap album is a mix of layered beats and lyrics that speak to both connoisseurs of good music and those that just want a good beat to dance to.

By having so many single and multi-features on almost every track, the poetry from each individual artist is able to shine while still highlighting Thugger as the main artist. 

The lyrics from verse to verse flow off of one another seamlessly. Thugger created an album with 23 very different songs while still making them sound like they all belong together. 

It’s like there is a conversation happening that you want to listen to over and over again. 

Good music is hard to come across nowadays especially Trap music. Somewhere down the line, people have forgotten that trap music is more than just a good beat with meaningless lyrics. 

Thugger has brought us an album that serves a purpose. Every lyric and layer on the 23 tracks are purposeful. 

The misconception of trap music comes from the general high usage of language involving sex and drugs. What people are failing to recognize and pay attention to is lyrics that discuss what life is like when you have nothing.

Every artist on this album came from struggle; some worse than others. They rap about life before money and what living in the streets is really like. 

Thugger gives us an insight into what minorities and people who live in lower income neighborhoods have to face on a daily basis. The album itself is a way to give back to the communities that need it the most. 

Each artist featured on the album has not forgotten where they came from or what it was like to have nothing.

Trap music and this album show us what it is like for people to have limited resources and a mind that is constantly in survival mode. The discussion of drugs and alcohol is merely a look into the reality of our class system. 

Thugger proves that trap music is a way to serve society. You can make it out but you can never forget the journey or the people that helped you along the way.

Favorite Tracks:

Paid the Fine (feat. Lil Baby & YTB Trench)


Solid (feat. Drake) 

Rating: 9/10 

Arielle Clayborn is a contributor. 

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