Creating a killer playlist is a school essential. Every student needs some music to vibe to, whether you are doing homework, working out, lounging around or doing pretty much anything. Music fits into every scenario and having a playlist for each moment can come in handy. 

While it seems easy in retrospect, creating a playlist can be a very tedious task. Songs don’t just magically appear on your playlist, the user has to put in the work and add them to each individual playlist. This can be very time consuming and make the idea of creating playlists strenuous rather than fun. 

If you already have a few songs on a playlist, or a few songs in mind, then creating a playlist can be an exciting adventure that offers tons of new, undiscovered music to the listener. 

“Spotify as well as other music streaming services often have a recommended for you section which is tailored to the listeners interests,” said Gabe Carbajal, a GU senior.

In the recommended section there are tons of songs listed that are based on your previous streams, and the recommendations refresh frequently providing new music on a consistent basis. Listening to the recommendations based on your music can easily help expand a library. 

Along with recommendations, music services offer a personalized section. In Spotify, there is a “Made For You” tab that provides multiple customized playlists pre-made for each user. 

In “Made For You,” there exists several daily mixes that consist of different types of music that you have previously listened to. These mixes are the perfect way for expanding playlists, making it easy to add songs on the fly and skip the ones you do not like. 

Along with daily mix playlists, there is a playlist for newly released music that you may be interested in called “Release Radar.” This playlist seeks new music that has just been released and creates a playlist of the songs that are broadly tailored to your interests and genres. 

“I use Spotify, and to make better playlists I’ve transferred my focus from liking songs to immediately adding a new song I like to a playlist,” said Callen Scaroni, a GU senior. 

Spotify has a “like” feature as do many platforms, and these songs are put in their own playlist. To create multiple playlists, it would be beneficial to instantly add newfound music to playlists but liked songs can still provide recommendations and save those special tunes. 

One feature of having all the liked songs together is you can create songs radios based off the individual liked songs.

Song radios are also pre-made playlists that offer music like the original song played and are extremely beneficial when creating a new playlist or finding new music. 

Personally, I have found song radios to be the most beneficial way for me to find new music because the recommendations from the radios are always very similar to the original song, rather than sometimes obscure songs that don’t have the same tune or feel. 

“Discover Weekly” is often accused of being very broad in their song recommendations. “Discover Weekly” is a Spotify feature that offers music from all time periods correlated to the music you listen to, but it clumps all the genres together causing the playlist to be everywhere in terms of flow. 

Song radios, daily mixes and recommendations provide a much more tailored experience to creating the perfect playlist because they are genre based and the music you want to listen to can be selected at any moment. 

“Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” are broader in relation to finding specific music based on the genre but are still extremely helpful tools. 

All platforms have similar tools to Spotify and can create the perfect killer playlist for each moment with the simple click of a button, “Add to playlist.” 

Hunter Hauser is a staff writer.

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