Anyone who’s spent a winter in Spokane knows how cold it can get. Fighting the ice, snow and cold is a challenge in itself, but staying stylish while doing so can be tricky. 

Layering is essential to getting through the winter. Most know to throw on a coat and some gloves when going outside, but there are so many more ways to layer your looks. It’s the key to keeping yourself warm and showing off your sense of style.

The most essential winter layer is a good winter coat. Whether it’s a puffer or a peacoat, you want to find something that keeps you warm but is also versatile enough to throw over most of your outfits. You should also make sure it’s a piece you love, because you’ll end up wearing it for the majority of the season.

Unfortunately, it can also be the most expensive winter layer, which might make it difficult to find a quality coat within your budget. One way to find an affordable winter coat for a reasonable price is to check out secondhand sellers online, as many people sell clothes they no longer want on websites like Depop, Poshmark, Mercari and eBay. Often you can find pieces that are still in great condition for much cheaper than the in store price. 

Many students also hit up thrift shops or secondhand stores to find their winter pieces and there are a few favorites for shopping winter gear around Spokane. 

"The Arc. It’s cheap and there are some really fun finds,” said Cora Bauman, a junior at Gonzaga.

The Arc of Spokane, a thrift store on Ruby Street, comes highly recommended by many GU students and is located within walking distance from campus. 

Senior Alyssa Haworth goes to the Arc because of its affordable yet fashionable options, but will also spend a little more at stores like Earthbound Trading Co. for some of her winter gear because of how well the clothes match her personal aesthetic.

The most important part of staying stylish is making sure your own personal style shines through.

For those who prefer an outdoorsy look, GU junior Lina Maurice recommends Rambleraven Gear Trader. This store sells secondhand outdoor clothes from brands like Mountain Hardware and Patagonia.

Junior Evelyn Elston recommends Global Neighborhood Thrift, as it’s been a great spot to find oversized sweaters they love for cheap

Fall isn’t the only season with sweater weather. Sweaters are the perfect piece to keep you cozy and cute throughout the winter, especially because you can find options to match every aesthetic. 

Argyle sweaters and sweater vests have returned as a trend this winter and fuzzy or oversized sweaters are a go-to piece for many. 

Sweaters are a great layering item, because you can put other pieces, like turtlenecks, underneath as an added layer and a way to switch up your look.

Layering under clothes is often under utilized, but it’s a great option to keep yourself warm without your outfit looking too bulky. 

Wearing a pair of winter tights underneath your clothes adds an extra layer and it works no matter what you’re wearing. It can be an invisible layer or it can be a fashion choice. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, it’s a cheap way to add some flair to your outfit.

If you’re wearing baggy or loose-fitting bottoms, you can also layer under by putting on a pair of leggings. This is another invisible layer that can provide a lot of warmth, without ruining the look you’re going for. 

Never underestimate how much throwing on a t-shirt or even a tank top under your outfit can help. If you’re wearing something like a sweater, chances are no one will be able to tell you have a layer under, but you’ll appreciate how much warmth it helps you retain.

Aside from a quality coat and comfy sweaters, stay warm by making sure you have functional pieces like boots, gloves and a scarf. For these pieces, it’s a good idea to choose versatile colors like black, white or neutrals so they’ll go with any outfit you pick out. 

One fashion trend that has emerged during the pandemic and is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things comfy and cozy during the winter is matching loungewear sets. 

For those who prefer to dress up more, plaid pieces are a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Puff sleeves are another trend that will take your look to the next level.

There are a lot of trends out there that will add a fashionable edge to your look, but don’t feel like you have to stick to these to stay stylish. When creating an outfit you should focus on pieces you feel look good together, because fashion is all about personal expression.


Sofi Olliver is a contributor. 

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