As the cooler weather abruptly rolled in, Zags rolled out their sweaters and boots in preparation for the chilly months ahead. 

According to Business Insider, the top two factors when it comes to Gen Z shopping habits are price and shared values with the company. They reported that when it comes to value shopping, sometimes paying more for clothes that will last longer is more important than spending less cash upfront. 

Students studying in Hemmingson Center were asked where they shop for fall fashion, and the Business Insider article seemed to hold true. Most students said they enjoy shopping at budget stores like Target or H&M, but also like shopping from brands like Patagonia or North Face for the longevity of the articles of clothing. 

Whether it’s 90 degrees and sunny, or 40 degrees and rainy, one thing is for sure: Zags know how to dress.

Freshman, Union Carter, is a fan of online shopping at online boutiques like Fashion Nova.

“The clothes are cute and there’s always a discount code,” Carter said. “I don’t have to go anywhere because I don’t have a car.”

Carter’s outfit was pieced together with her checkered yellow Vans, a yellow turtleneck and denim jacket layered over top.  

“I kind of built the outfit around that.”

Senior, Bryce Parsons, was dressed to the nines for an interview. His sweater was layered over a button-up shirt from Madewell, with a pair of jeans from Gap and tied together with a pair of socks from Pendelton and some Blundstone boots.

Parsons said that his favorite seasons to dress for are fall and spring, because he’s can mix pieces from different seasons.

“You can wear some of your summer stuff, layer it with some of your winter stuff,” Parsons said. “A lot of variety.”  

Junior, Sarah Ostrander, also enjoys her budget shopping hauls, with pieces of her outfit coming from Target and the Nordstrom Rack. She was wearing a burnt orange cardigan, distressed high-waisted jeans, a checkered flannel and a pair of booties. 

“When I bought this cardigan and these booties from Target, I already had this outfit in mind,” Ostrander said. “So I decided that today was the day to wear it.” 

Senior Anton Easterbrook likes finding new pieces of clothing at thrift stores, in store and online.

“The ARC is always a good place to get deals,” Easterbrook said. “Poshmark is cool too, my friend just told me about that.”

Easterbrook likes combining his thrifting looks with more high-end clothing brands too, with his outfit of the day having Levi Jeans and a Millican backpack. 

Lindsey Wilson is a Staff Writer. You can follow her on Twitter: @lindseyrwilson1

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