Two GU juniors dress up as "Midsommar" characters. 

Halloween is known for spooky vibes, unhealthy amounts of candy and dressing up. But by far, the best part of Halloweekend is getting to see what everyone dressed up as. 

Gonzaga loves Halloween, so it’s only fair to mention some of the best costumes seen in the Logan Neighborhood this past weekend. 

Three categories will have winners: group, couples and stand-alone costumes. 

Group costumes were all over the place this year. But the most common was Scooby-Doo characters. Velmas, Daphnes and Freds littered the parties. While it is a great costume and is pretty easy to accomplish, it can only get an honorable mention because of its frequency. 

After searching through the endless Scooby-Doo lookalikes, the best group costume revealed itself: "Surf’s Up." 

A group of GU upperclassmen, Sam McCloughan, Cullen McEachern and Ben Hogan all win best group costume. 

It was perfect. Big Z and Tank Evans could be recognized from across the room. They dressed up so perfectly that there was no questioning what each person was. Each costume started with a basic penguin onesie but came together with some sharpie details and iconic DIY surfboards. 

This costume was the obvious winner because of its creativity. "Surf’s Up" is a great movie, but isn’t thought of when it comes to group costumes. It was refreshing to see a group dress up as uncommon movie characters.

The next category is couple’s costumes. Once again, there were a lot of Scooby-Doo characters. Freds and Daphnes ran the couple’s costume scene. While cute, it was a bit overdone. 

An honorable mention goes to couple Holly Zakowski and Aidan Halstead for their Calvin and Hobbes costume. Zakowski, who was Hobbes the tiger, created her own tiger-striped top and tail, nailing the do-it-yourself costume. 

The winner of the best couple’s costume goes to GU juniors Mckenna Krey and Miguel Acosta Loza for their “Midsommar” costume. 

Krey dressed up as Dani when she won May Queen and Loza dressed as her boyfriend in the bear onesie. Not only is this a hilarious take on the horrific ending of the movie, but it is also extremely creative. Loza conveyed the fate of his character perfectly by wearing a bear onesie and painting his face with red splotches.

If some readers don’t know why this is hilarious, google the ending of "Midsommar."

Krey wore a white dress with an intricate flower crown that resembles the one in the movie perfectly. In the end, what pulled it all together was Krey’s ability to make the same iconic pouty face as Florence Pugh.

“Miguel’s mom brought the bear outfit all the way from Ecuador,” Krey said, “I made my outfit in 3 hours on Friday. Thanks to dollar tree fake flowers, I hot glued the heck out of everything."

The couple said they wanted to make the horrifying movie less scary by making it their Halloween costume. 

Lastly, the stand-alone costume. This one was tough because there were so many creative ideas. 

Some of the best costumes were a Disney adult, the Black Swan and Rodrick Heffley. 

The best stand-alone costume goes to GU junior Ryan Kapust, who dressed up as Tommy Shelby from “Peaky Blinders." Kapust went all out for this costume, wearing a three-piece suit topped off with a newsboy cap.

What earned this costume No. 1 was Kapust’s connection to the show. 

“I chose this costume because I love the show and have wanted to dress up as Tommy for a while now,” Kapust said.

When someone dresses up as their favorite TV or movie character, it’s a win. Kapust nailed the “Peaky Blinders” suit perfectly, showing his true love for the show. 

It was hard to choose winners for each category, with so many people having amazing costumes. But, these costumes stood out among others and showed dedication and creativity. Well done, Zags!

Grace Spiegel is a staff writer. 

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