Cordae performed for Gonzaga University’s Spring Concert Series at the Knitting Factory on March 31. The performance was opened by rap artists T.S the Solution and Midwxst, providing students with the opportunity to see new performers at an affordable price and reconnect with friends after midterms.

“It was great to go with friends and meet up with a big group,” said Avery Kuehfuss, a senior at GU. “Even though not everyone had listened to Cordae or knew who he was, we all had a good time.”

Sporting a grey two-piece set and black hoodie, the Grammy-nominated artist’s simple look contrasted his energetic stage presence. 

Playing a range of older and newer tracks, Cordae’s relationship between his past and present self was reflected in the seamless integration of the crowd. The verbiage throughout his show was especially clear.

"Thanksgiving" was released on his 2019 album "Lost Boy." The song was written shortly after his parents had kicked him out and he was living in his college dorm room with no future plan. With hopes of making it big in the music industry, he took a shot at producing an album.

“You can really do whatever the fuck you put your mind to,” Cordae said.

Like Cordae, both T.S and Midwxst had minimal staging. The lighting was comprised of a distilled backdrop color and bouncing spotlights were complementary and cohesive, moving across the stage and audience. With a spot near the back for each DJ and a microphone stand, the platform left more than enough space for abstract creativity.

Kuehfuss saw notable differences in the performance this year when compared to Quinn XCII, who was hosted in 2022 at the McCarthey Athletic Center. According to Kuehfuss, prices were slightly cheaper than last year. Additionally, the intimate general admission venue added to the feeling of a real concert than the traditional Bulldogs court.

T.S the Solution is a hip hop artist that combines various unique and experimental sounds with intricate wordplay. Dabbing in various contrasting flows, his smooth transitions engaged audiences in an underground rap genre.

Many Zags did not seem to know the words to the Solution’s songs, but his range of music entertained throughout his performance. By the end of the set, larger groups of Zags trickled into the venue.

As the pit intensified, Midwxst joined the stage to greet the lively crowd. His aggressive demands to raise hands and put flashlights in the air captivated audiences. One member had even enticed Midwxst to take his sunglasses during the set, modeling the diva pink shades during his performance of "I Know You Hate Me."

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Isabella Asplund-Wain is a digital editor. 

Digital Editor

Belle Asplund-Wain is a digital editor from Seattle, WA. She produces, curates and assists with weekly multimedia projects. She graduates from Gonzaga in the spring, with bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and economics and a minor in journalism.