Details for Recorded Memories

MUSIC/MOVIES/POSTERS & Thanksgiving Care Packages! 

& so much more, 8 blocks North of Madonna Hall, at Indiana.  

Peruse 30,000+ guaranteed records / posters / 45s / DVDs /CDs / cassette tapes / VHS tapes / 8-track tapes / stickers / supplies / accessories / stereos and so much more! T-shirts / displays / mobiles and other RARE memorabilia, oh my! We have access to CONCERT TICKETS to sold out shows! Your friends & loved ones can receive a Thanksgiving Care Package of music/movies/memorabilia/concert tickets; tailored to their tastes! 509-483-4753 Phone-email-internet special orders are our specialty!

Records start at 33 cents! A vast selection of posters to personalize any size space, with your favorite artist / band / movie awaits! We’ll find the music & movies you need when others fail! Eclectic mix: rock – pop – reggae – religious – country – metal – jazz – new age – big band – classical, world, Native, blues – comedy – soundtracks! New to vintage! You'll get the CORRECT, needle / stylus / cartridge / belt for your turntable! Personal service since 1987! 

Cash / Debit / Paypal / Discover / Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Checks! AC/DC -Neil Young – Sinatra – Fleetwood Mac – KISS – Elton – Zepplin – Dylan – Cash – Nirvana – Dead – Stones – Doors – Clapton – Hank – Beatles – Pearl Jam – Hendrix – Ellington – Queen – Floyd – Byrd – Cline – Willie – Elvis – Tori – Ani – U2 – Zevon etc! View walls of autographed celebrity photos! Recorded Memories 1902 Hamilton


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