A crowd of around 100 staff, faculty and students gathered in the rain outside of the Hemmingson Center's main doors at noon on Thursday in order to attend the "Rally for Welcome, Not Hate" event.

Many huddled under the second story overhang of the building, bundled up and standing closely together while listening to messages of love and the importance of unity in the face of intimidation. The event was organized by several campus organizations including UMEC, UMIN, Hate Studies and more "for an urgent response rally, to bring together the campus community following the placement of white supremacist literature on campus," according to a campuswide email sent on Tuesday.

Students found out about the rally largely through this email, which was sent out by Sasha Gibson, program manager for intercultural learning and development on behalf of the office for Diversity, Inclusion, Community and Equity (DICE), or through the same email from CCE via Molly Ayers.

Speakers including GSBA President Carlo Juantilla, UMEC's Amayrani Chavez-Godinez, and a graduate student led "Rally for Welcome, Not Hate." UMIN Coordinator Jeff Brogan; Fr. Quan Tran, S.J and Dr. Noralis Rodriguez-Coss also gave speeches. Student Jaylun Hutchison concluded the rally by leading a hymn for the crowd to participate in.


The "Rally for Welcome, Not Hate" event came approximately two weeks after three stickers were found on campus on Feb. 23 for the SPLC-classified hate group, Identity Evropa. View the original article on the discovery of the white supremacist group's stickers here.


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