Olivia Colman says American fans are 'classier'
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Olivia Colman thinks American fans are "ever so slightly classier than Brits".

The Oscar-winning star is a big name on both sides of the Atlantic, but Olivia believes Brits have a more in-your-face approach towards celebrities.

She explained: "[Americans are] ever so slightly classier than Brits about their actor people. They’re really nice.

"Sometimes in the UK, someone will literally hold a phone to my face; that has never happened to me in America. Over there, they’ll say, ‘Excuse me, may I take a photograph?’ And you say, ‘Oh well, thank you for asking so nicely!' But here most people don’t ask and I think that’s unspeakably rude and threatening."

Olivia, 47, won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her starring role in 'The Favourite'.

However, she barely has any memory of the night she received her accolade.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "It was bonkers.

"You’re being swept along by people and you’re going: this can’t be happening. I think you go into self-preservation, emergency mode, because it’s too much to cope with. I only really remember it because I’ve seen it."

Olivia has also played the part of Queen Elizabeth in the hit Netflix series 'The Crown'.

And the award-winning actress admits that portraying the monarch has been her biggest challenge to date.

She reflected: "Playing the Queen was the most pressurized thing I’ve ever done. Because everyone goes: that’s not right."

Asked if she received any backlash for her performance, Olivia replied: "I don’t tend to read anything because I’m not very thick-skinned – so I don’t know. But we had amazing voice and hair and make-up departments – you’ve done half your job before you even step out of your van."

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