An Unprecedented Class: Gonzaga welcomes the class of 2024

The class of 2024 is set to be one of the most racially and ethically diverse.

This school year will be atypical in more ways than one. But whether it is virtually or in-person, members of the class of 2024 will have their first college experiences this fall.  

The class of 2024 has enrolled 1,104 students and 126 transfers. Enrollment has fluctuated over the summer as some students have deferred and some have applied late due to circumstances that have arisen because of COVID-19.  

“We have kept our application open, it is still open if students want to put in a late application,” said Erin Hays, director of undergraduate admissions. “It’s really open for students who don’t want to go as far away as they had planned.” 

One of the most notable statistics of this class is that 28% of students are students of color.  

“It’s our most diverse class racially and ethnically,” Hayes said. “We’re really proud of that. And we keep working hard to continue to diversify Gonzaga and make sure that there’s great representation on campus and multiple perspectives and voices and that’s really important.” 

First generation students make up 14% of the incoming class. 

Like previous classes, there are more women than men, with a split of 52% to 48%.  

The class is tied for second in academic excellence with an average unweighted GPA of 3.82. The average SAT and ACT scores are 1258 and 28. 

Although Gonzaga is a private institution, 60-65% of students are from public high schools.  

While admissions does not have the exact breakdown, students were involved in serving their communities, leadership activities through clubs or student government, working part time and athletics.  

Another first is that this class has the largest honors class in GU history, with 80 students.  

There are 37 states represented, with the top 10 in order being Washington, California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Minnesota and Hawaii.  

International students hail from 16 countries ranging from Azerbaijan to the Philippines and more.  

The college with the highest enrollment is the College of Arts and Sciences with 359, and the School of Business Administration is  second with 248.  

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has 230, the School of Nursing and Human Physiology has153 and the School of Education has 55 enrolled students.  

Financial aid will  be recieved by 98% of the class,  and 90% will receive a merit scholarship. 

Jim White, the student financial services dean,  said the university has seen about three times the normal level of appeals due to changing financial standings of families.  

While GEL Weekend became an online event, about 70% of enrolling students participated, making it possibly the largest GEL ever.  

“All of it got canceled,” Hays said. “Students had to make a decision without really getting that Gonzaga experience that is very critical to a college decision.”

The students have had perseverance through the whole pandemic.

“The love they have for others, the care for the world and wanting to do good things and wanting to make a difference and do good things for society and just loving to learn and wanting to be a Zag,” Hays said. “I’ve just been impressed by all of that.” 

Noah Wong is a staff write

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