Last month, Gonzaga’s Students for Life club participated in the 14th annual Walk for Life West Coast and the Students for Life of America West Coast Conference in San Francisco. 

On Saturday, Jan. 27,  the Students for Life club marched with 50,000 others in the Walk for Life West Coast, a rally advocating for the outlaw of abortion. 

John Jourdan, the club’s public relations coordinator, said that traveling to these events is important to the club because it shows that they are not satisfied with the current abortion laws and want a change. 

Jourdan highlights the substantial number of young people he noticed at the rally. Many were carrying signs that said “I am the Pro-Life Generation” and “Women Deserve Better than Abortion.”

President of GU’s Students for Life club Katherine Thrasher was happy to see a focus on women-oriented care and women-oriented love within the pro-life movement, a huge shift that she  said she believes has taken place in recent years.

Thrasher explains that many people are realizing the root cause of abortion is that women are not given the love and support that they need by being lied to and not being shown other options that are effective. 

“I think our generation has hope that the older generation didn’t. So, we’re proud to hold these signs …We know that pro-life means pro-love and it means pro-women,” Thrasher said. 

The following day, Jan. 28, was the Students for Life of America West Coast Conference. The conference brings together thousands of pro-life students and leaders from across the nation for training on how to be effective pro-life advocates. 

Thrasher explained that the conference focused on the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, legal issues, sidewalk advocacy and information on abortion pill reversal. Students for Life put together concrete actions and strategies that are tailored for college campuses to assist students in igniting their own work for the movement within their club.

The club plans to begin its “It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives” campaign soon which Thrasher described as a motivation to be more present as a club on campus. 

“I think there’s a lot of stigma with the pro-life movement that’s inaccurate, so we want to try to disprove that by being a joyful and loving presence on campus,” she said. 

The club hopes that its newfound motivation and goals will invite more students to check out the Students for Life club.

“Our club has a desire to really engage with people on a deeper level; we are all very kind and compassionate and realize that we’re not always here to change people’s minds, but we’re here to have the conversation,” Thrasher said. “We can have conversations where we can connect on similar goals and find common goals so we can make our campus a better place.”

Amy Bruza is a contributor. 


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