You might have trouble finding your professors or a bagel in between classes. 

Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Hemmingson Center was replaced with Wolfgang Puck Pizza, which serves sandwiches, salads and personal pizzas. 

Sub Co Sandwiches will share its space with a new dining option, Tres Habaneros. 

The former Jesuit house has been renovated to the Humanities Building. It will house English, religious studies, women’s and gender studies, the honors college, center for digital humanities, center for undergraduate research and inquiry, and science in action. 

“It was all part of a plan to provide either more appropriate space or aggregated space,” said Ken Sammons, director of Plant and Construction Services. “The idea was to try to get everybody together in one location.” 

Center for Cura Personalis staff might move from two houses into Crosby, Sammons said. 

Three former department houses on campus remain vacant. 

All modern language faculty offices are in College Hall. 

In the Hemmingson Center, GUEST services moved from the second floor to the third. UMEC moved to the second floor. 

The faculty center also is on the second floor next to The Bulldog. 

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