Gonzaga’s Center for Cura Personalis will debut a new internship aimed at promoting overall health and wellness.

CCP’s main focus and mission is to provide, “proactive outreach and educational programs about healthy choices and interventions for students who may be struggling.” 

This year, CCP is looking to hire well-being interns to join their team. In a statement released through Morning Mail, these interns “will assist in the development and implementation of evidence informed campus-wide student wellness strategies using an individual and community-based approach to health education.”

The staff at CCP are looking for “responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders.” 

These interns will have opportunities to put on workshops, facilitate discussion and sponsor events. 

According to Erin Tovey, an educator for healthy relationships, they have trainings and ongoing projects for students to take on. 

“Something that I think is really cool about this internship is the opportunity to get class credit,” said Tori Cutting, educator for mental and emotional wellbeing. “We want to make sure there is a way we are talking about well-being and taking care of yourself and relating to others in a way that matters to everyone.” 

Cutting hopes students gain skills both personally and professionally through this internship experience. 

Cutting said they want this internship to allow students to gain skills that will apply to them in the “real world” in a way that “translates to all aspects of their lives.”

Tovey said that students of any major can apply and benefit from this internship as long as they have a passion for well-being and the motivation to live and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

CCP will use these interns to help work on projects pertaining, but not limited to, “alcohol and other drugs, mental and emotional health, de-stigmatizing mental health disorders, happiness, resiliency, suicide prevention, stress management, mindfulness, physical health, nutrition body image, sleep, bystander intervention, healthy intimacy/relationships and sexual assault and other power-based personal violence prevention.” 

“We really want to make sure that students have the autonomy to do projects that really light their soul on fire,” Tovey said.  “It’s great if they use a project that is already existing but if they have a passion for something they will be able to create a program proposal.” 

According to CCP’s website it isdevoted to following its mission: “that along each of our life journeys we need the ‘help of a companion of the way.’ The CCP staff aim to be this companion.” 

It is looking for students who “combine the specialized training they receive in Health Education and Wellness with a desire to make a difference on campus.” 

“We know based on the literature that peer-to-peer interaction about well-being is a lot more meaningful than staff to peer,” Tovey said. “So we are hoping that the well-being messages that we’ve been talking about for the past few years will be working smoothly and our interns will help widespread these messages.”

Applications for this internship are due Sept. 9 on Handshake. 


Riley Utley is a staff writer. 

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It is really a very good step to promote well being. I appreciate it.
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