Gonzaga has strived to practice Jesuit tradition in an interdisciplinary way. GU has pushed for the development of the whole person rather than focusing on solely one aspect of learning.

Bringing the concept of developing the whole person to light shines through in the construction and purpose of the new Integrated Science and Engineering (ISE) building.

“The new Integrated Science & Engineering (ISE) building will provide more and modern classroom space to serve our growing student body; make our graduates more competitive in the global market space; provide more contemporary lab space and equipment /instrumentation and identify new inter-disciplinary opportunities,” Karlene Hoo, dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, said in an email.

Ideally, Hoo said, the building will attract a more diverse student body as it’s a more visible commitment to GU’s STEM discipline.

The new ISE building is to become a hub of activity for STEM students. An important aspect of this building to note is though it is catered to STEM students, all students can use the facility to grow and express their interdisciplinary thoughts, spanning beyond engineering.

“Some of the other buildings really are dedicated to one particular discipline,” said Annmarie Caño, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “As you’re learning sometimes you do need that focused attention. But its also good to have the interdisciplinary piece.”

The focus of the ISE building is to unite students of all disciplines and bring new ideas and concepts together to face real-world issues of today. 

At the beginning of the pandemic all construction projects were put on hold due to COVID-19 and were allowed to resume by approval from the Governor of Washington’s office.

On April 27, the construction continued after being on hiatus for over a month.

“There has been a need for more modern space that can house equipment, facilities, and people arranged in different groups of teams to be able to do that work,” Caño said. “One purpose of that building is to provide more modern classrooms to serve the students needs. Engineering and the sciences have seen an explosion in the number of students across the country.”

The building has been seen as an essential addition in terms of GUs growth. 

“Making sure that Gonzaga has facilities for students who want a [shared resource] from the Gonzaga community and get their STEM training all in one spot,” Caño said. 

The ISE building serves to house the expansive student populous looking to study in fields of engineering and science.

With GU having an engineering and applied science program in the top 10% of the nation, this building is important to the student body and reputation of the community.

Hoo said Fall 2021 is the projected finish date.

The original projected date was also set to Fall 2021 so the pandemic has not halted the overall progress of the construction but has only setback the construction minimally.

The ISE building will help incoming and current students find their passions in only a year’s time, improving the learning for STEM fields and the whole student body.

Hunter Hauser is a staff writer. 

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