On Saturday DICE will be hosting the third annual Cross-Cultural Olympics. Originally started by Asian-American Union, the Cross-Cultural Olympics is an event created to bring all of the cultural clubs on campus together to “relax after [the] festival season is over,” according to an event coordinator and president of La Raza Latina, Elizabeth Perez. 

Participants in the games will be able to play on different teams to interact with other culture club members, as well as non-club members. At the end of the activities, a BBQ will be held and food will be provided for all players and participants. While the Cross-Cultural Olympics is a time for students to destress before finals week, it is intended for students to “be respectful and mindful of others and foster community,” said Perez. 

This year’s winner of the Cross-Cultural Olympics will receive a trophy for their triumph in games based on the highest amount of points received. This event is completely run and organized by students and intended for anyone who has an open mind to other cultures and meeting new faces. This event is a great way to destress before finals week with some fresh air, good food and sportsmanship among all participants. 

“It’s not often that cultural clubs all get together and have the opportunity to relax and engage in friendly competition, so the Cultural Olympics are the perfect opportunity for that,” said Barnabas Sirak, another student coordinator. Throughout the year, clubs such as La Raza Latina, Asian American Union, Black Student Union and Filipino American Student Union, among others, are busy promoting the consciousness of their particular club mission. However, this event allows the clubs participating to come together in support of all diverse groups on campus. 

“We hope that those who participate leave the event having realized their connection to the expansive community are a part of, and feel truly at home [within the GU community]”, added Sirak. Students do not have to have any affiliation with any cultural clubs to partake in the events. 

This event is free and open to all GU students. The Cross-Cultural Olympics are on May 5 and start from 10:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m., on Foley Field. Check in begins at 10:30 a.m. and the games begin at 11 a.m. T-shirts will be given to those who sign up Students that want to participate in the games can register via the link below:


The form will closed Wednesday. For any questions please contact Melina Benjamin at mbenjamin@zagmail.gonzaga.edu.

Editor's note: Melina Benjamin is a staff writer for The Gonzaga Bulletin. 

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