The U.S. West Province of the Society of Jesus published a list of names of Jesuits with credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults dating back to 1950, on Friday. The Jesuits West Province is the division of the worldwide Society of Jesus that includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. 

There are about 36 different Jesuits on the list, living and deceased, who, at one point, were at Gonzaga.

"The core of the decision to publish this list is an effort to increase the transparency and accountability of the Province and Church, as well as to seek justice for victims of abuse," GU president Dr. Thayne McCulloh said in an email to students and faculty. "I am encouraged by the Province's decision to be forthcoming about this matter, and support Provincial Fr. Scott Santarosa's efforts to do so."

Thomas Connolly, Gary Uhlenkott and Francis Burrus are the only living Jesuits named on the list who served at GU. Connolly and Uhlenkott are currently residing at the Jesuit Retirement Center in Los Gatos, California. Burrus was dismissed in 1950. 

On Oct. 9, McCulloh sent out a letter to the GU community condemning the recent revelations of abuse in the Catholic Church, sparked by the Pennsylvania Reports, which indicated more than 1,000 children were abused by priests over a 70 year period.  

"I want to underscore that Gonzaga University is committed to the human dignity of every member of this community and zero tolerance for sexual misconduct of any form, whether specific to this crisis, or any incident involving members of our community," McCulloh said. 

"We stand in solidarity with those who have been the subject of abuse and victimized by abusive individuals.  Fully repairing the pain of abuse may never be possible, but we must be and remain committed to continuously love, care for and protect members of our community, and resolve to seek justice with and for them."

More information about Jesuits West can be found on its website:

Kendra Andrews is the Editor-in-Chief. Follow her on Twitter: @kendra__andrews.

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