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Larry Elder, who appears on Fox News and hosts the the "Larry Elder Show", spoke in the Hemmingson ballroom on Thursday, November 7th. He presented on Hollywood, media, and academia from a one sided political ideology.

Last Thursday Gonzaga University welcomed libertarian radio host Larry Elder to campus for a talk titled “Hollywood, Media, and Academia: The Axis of Indoctrination".

In this talk Elder discussed how in his opinion liberal bias had taken root in the three aforementioned aspects and indoctrinates people with the content it puts out: Hollywood does it through the films and tv shows they produce, media through their slant in story coverage, and academia through how professors and administrators educate.

The event was scheduled to go from 7-8:30 p.m. yet went until almost 9:00 p.m. as Elder answered questions and talked with the audience for nearly an hour after his prepared remarks.

Elder opened the talk with an introduction about how he got into politics. When he lived in Cleveland and would write opinion pieces on his own and send them in to publications where sometimes they would get published. 

The piece that launched his career was called “Racism Is No Longer A Major Problem In America” where he then got a phone call from a radio producer who asked him why he believed that to which he responded, “No I don’t, I think if you work hard, get a good education, invest in yourself, don’t make bad moral decisions, don’t have kids out of wedlock then you should be just fine in America.”

Elder then said that he was on the radio for an hour taking questions from angry Cleveland residents who were mad about his claim.

When asked about this in the question and answer portion Elder clarified that he does not believe racism bodes no problem but no longer poses a major problem in America.

Elder also defended several of his other political positions such as no exceptions for abortions even in the case of rape because the “child is a child no matter how it was conceived,” argued for privatization of schools, and reduction in welfare.

“Larry’s ultimate commitment was to seek logical truth, to find what’s best for America, and to establish the steps we can take to heal ourselves from the incorrect assumptions we make as a society," said Robert Brukrotter Treasurer of Gonzaga College Republicans. “Larry’s ultimate commitment was to seek logical truth, to find what’s best for America, and to establish the steps we can take to heal ourselves from the incorrect assumptions we make as a society."

During Elder’s discussion of bias in Hollywood he cited a book written by Ben Shapiro titled “Primetime Propaganda” where Shapiro interviewed different Hollywood producers to talk about the bias against right-wing people in Hollywood.

Elder continued his point by noting the political contributions of those in Hollywood to back up his hypothesis, “of the political contributions people in Hollywood have made to campaigns, 90 percent goes to Democrats or Democrat causes while only 10 percent go the other way.”

When discussing the question and answer part of the event Olivia Perez, the College Republicans Event Coordinator, said that it was important for people to ask questions even if they disagree with the speaker, “Many of the students asked questions, and I think it would be wise to take advantage of that opportunity to ask those important questions, even if you might disagree with Larry Elder and what he believes in.”

“Overall, we're glad that we had the support we did, and we're happy that the community as a whole both on campus and off seemed to enjoy the talk. It's rare to see the words ‘College Republicans’ headlining anything positive on college campuses in this day and age," said Rhys Williams, the Vice President of the College Republicans. 

Ben McDonlad is a contributor.

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