Student employment on campus

Students participate in Men’s 4s intramural volleyball in the Rudolf Fitness Center.

The library, Hemmingson Center and mailroom are just a few of the places on campus that offer employment opportunities for students each year. 

There are a wide variety of work positions available for students during their time at Gonzaga. Students can tutor their peers, work as a server at the on-campus restaurant The Bulldog or as an intramural games referee. 

Each year approximately 1,500 students are employed through on-campus work positions, according to Office of Student Employment statistics. 

On-campus work positions are funded either institutionally, or through federal, and Washington state work study programs. 

A student’s eligibility for federal or state work study is determined by the information submitted on their FAFSA. 

During the school year, students can work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session, and up to 40 hours a week during vacation. On-campus positions are paid Washington state’s minimum wage of $12 an hour. 

Job opportunities are listed on Handshake, the online career network GU uses for it’s students. Here students can directly apply for positions listed by the different departments throughout the university. 

The Rudolf Fitness Center hires the most students of any other facility on campus, Jose Hernandez, director of RFC said. Last year, the fitness center hired 152 students. 

Hernandez finds having the large number of student employees mutually beneficial. 

“We invest in them,” he said. “We teach them discipline, professionalism and help them socially to create time management skills.” 

Positions at RFC vary. Students can work at the front desk, as a lifeguard, intramural officiant or instruct their own group fitness course. 

Another high-volume employer is Student Media, which employs nearly 80 students. These positions include writers, photographers, editors and graphic designers. 

Gonzaga University Events and Services Team, or GUEST, employs nearly 60 students throughout the department every year. 

Students work in various positions such as event assistance, welcome desk concierge and operation assistance. 

Off-campus work positions are also listed on Handshake. There are positions available for Washington state residents, however they are not usually geared toward freshman. 

For more individualized questions, students should visit the Office of Student Employment, in the basement of Crosby, or call 509-313-6582.

Arcelia Martin is the editor-in-chief. Follow her on Twitter: @arcelitamartin.

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