Gonzaga Reality

A Twitter account targeting GU and the student body about their COVID-19 response. 

There are a lot of words that people might use to describe the Gonzaga student body: integral, involved, kind, etc. However, the Gonzaga Reality Twitter page has formed a coalition within the Logan Neighborhood that believes otherwise. 

Recently, a Twitter account blasting students living in the Logan Neighborhood has gained a little bit of traction as it says in its bio GU students are “horrible, spoiled children here to party.”

The account did not answer when contacted by The Gonzaga Bulletin.

With twenty-four followers,                             

@gonzagareality has produced what they call a Logan Neighborhood coalition that plans on revealing their perspective on the ways that GU students could be doing more harm than good to the neighborhood that Zags take pride in contributing to. 

Becky Wilkey, director of Campus Security and Public Safety (CSPS), said CSPS does spend time patrolling the Logan in order to ensure that even while students may be living off campus, they are still being respectful neighbors. 

“An overwhelming number of our off-campus students are very receptive to the university’s message and are acting in a responsible manner to keep themselves and others safe,” Wilkey said. “There are a few students who are still struggling with the protocols put in place due to COVID-19 and they push the boundaries which can lead to noise and party complaints.” 

CSPS is aware that not all GU students adhere to all of the COVID-19 guidelines that have been placed, but they are careful to point out that not all students display the careless behavior that the @gonzagareality account is trying to combat. 

Living off campus doesn’t mean that GU students participating in large gatherings and disruptive behavior gets overlooked when it comes to receiving discipline.  

“The frustration from the Logan Neighborhood is valid if residents are experiencing this from our students," Wilkey said. "When we respond to these calls and find there to be a violation, we hold those students accountable.” 

Admittedly, not all students at GU are sticking closely to the new rules and considering how they might be affecting the rest of the people living in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t reflect the majority of students. 

GU has made large efforts to ensure that students are still well aware of the fact that there is a pandemic whether that’s through a Morning Mail email, frequent reminders to get free COVID-19 testing and more. 

GU student Emilee Groth, who lives off campus in the Logan, has some thoughts on the demands of the Twitter account.

“I’ve never met anyone more social than a college student, especially a GU student, so asking them to isolate and keep their circles small is a tall order," Groth said. "Most students are doing a beautiful job, but can you blame them for holding the occasional kickback.” 

Just like CSPS, Groth is not naive to the fact that there are students who are violating not only school policies, but local and state ones as well. 

Groth’s reality as a student living in the Logan versus the owner of the Twitter page are at two very different ends of a spectrum. 

“The claim all GU students are horrible, spoiled children here to party is a gross generalization," Groth said. "Are there GU students who are horrible, spoiled and just here to party? Of course. You will find that at any college campus you go to.”

Groth said she believes in GU’s involvement and integration into the surrounding community and feels that through her experience, this idea is deeply ingrained into the minds of the students that choose to attend GU.

Students living on and off campus tend to have a lot of time and efforts invested in the Logan Neighborhood through offices such as the Center for Community Engagement. 

The concerns of the Logan residents are not being overlooked by Zags but these are trying times for everyone including those in charge of keeping things in check.  

The help of CSPS is all fine and well, but @gonzagareality is unimpressed with their efforts to keep off-campus zags in check.

“Some of us have lived in the Logan for decades and decades,” @gonzagareality said. “We have helped students for decades and asked them to keep things quiet, follow laws and stop bothering us.”

The account said that on occasion, GU students residing in the Logan have gone so far as to threaten other residents, verbally abuse them and vandalize property.

“We have heard from many Logan residents who have moved away because of all of this,” @gonzagareality said. “We have contacted GU and the campus security over the years and they either say they’ll help and they don’t, or have told us they won’t help.”

CSPS responds to calls of disruption in the Logan with the Spokane Police Department but said for the most part, GU students are fairly respectful of the law.

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter:                                                                                                                                         @friedrich_kayla.

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