President Thayne McCulloh released the return to campus plan for the 2020 fall semester via email today. 

Gonzaga announced that they will be allowing “flexible options” when possible and are allowing professors to decide how their courses will be taught.

“In light of the public health threat posed by COVID-19, we have encouraged our faculty to determine the mode of course delivery that best supports the subject matter to be taught while respecting the right of the faculty member to work in a manner that supports their own health, and that of their family,” said the attached document in the email sent out to students.

“For this reason, as we previously have indicated, students should expect that some courses will be taught face-to-face/in person, while others will be taught face-to-face but remotely, via technology," the document continued. "Some courses may be offered partly in-person, and partly remotely (e.g., in a hybrid format).”

For classes that require “hands on” work, such as labs, GU is planning on having those classes face-to-face. 

“For this reason, we plan to offer such courses involving intensive lab, studio, clinical or similar work, on campus and face-to-face/in-person, where we can safely do so and provided we are authorized to do so,” the “approach to reopening,” the document said.

GU is making it possible for students to "pursue their studies remotely for fall semester” if they wish to.

“Please note that (a) we expect the majority of decisions regarding modality to be complete this week and available on ZagWeb on August 1and (b) we will work with any student who has issues or concerns with their schedule based upon the course modality,” the document said.

For students who are looking to live on campus, the option is still available, but not required by the university. 

“Just as we did throughout spring semester 2020, we will continue to provide on-campus living and food service for students who wish to have this support,” the document said.

The attached document nods to the previous email from McCulloh released on June 3, 2020. Stating that the academic calendar remains unchanged. 

“New and returning students choosing to live on-campus will move in according to the phased move-in plan beginning Wednesday, August 26 and thereafter; the first day of class remains Tuesday, September 1. The decision to continue to support on-campus residency even as we move to remote instruction following Thanksgiving Break remains in place,” the document said.

Tuition cost will remain the same for students due to the cost that the transition online creates.

International students must be enrolled in at least one “in person” or “hybrid” labeled course to maintain an F-1 status. For more assistance contact International Student and Scholar Services,

For graduate programs, students will hear from the deans of their program.

For students to return to the campus, the “Return to Campus Guide” will dive deeper into the specifics of COVID-19, risks and how to reduce the risk of contracting the virus while on and off campus.

These restrictions – all of which are being introduced to assist in mitigating community transmission of COVID-19 – serve to underscore the simple fact that certain activities on and off campus will be limited, likely for some months to come.  These restrictions will affect the student experience,” McCulloh said in the email.

GU will be following the Washington state rules set forth by Governor Jay Inslee for campus activities. Some events may not resume until Washington is in the final stages of their plan to reopen.

Hannah Hislop is a news editor. Follow her on Twitter: @hannahvhislop.

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