Gonzaga's CSPS received new vehicles to contribute to uniformity

New leases translate to less money spent on repairs and a more uniformed fleet for CSPS. 

We see them driving around campus to keep students, staff and faculty as safe as possible, but their efficiency has increased.

In December, Campus Security and Public Safety (CSPS) received two new vehicles and implemented them at the beginning of the spring semester. These vehicles are Nissans and have been leased by CSPS.

Originally, CSPS owned a random assortment of five vehicles of different makes and models. This caused problems between CSPS and Plant Services because of the different maintenance strategies required for different makes. These problems forced CSPS to get the vehicles fixed at the dealership, which cost extra money. Among the five vehicles, two are new and leased Nissans.

“[Having to fix vehicles] hinders our ability to provide services,” said Becky Wilkey, director of CSPS.

Since these vehicles had to be taken back to the dealerships for consistent maintenance, CSPS often found themselves two vehicles short during patrol hours. Officers had to double up in one vehicle on routine patrols. Because of this, they could not cover and protect as much of the campus as necessary. 

“We need vehicles that are reliable and trustworthy,” said Philip Tyler, crime prevention and education officer for CSPS.

To fix these issues, CSPS teamed up with Plant Services to create a plan to lease new vehicles every two or three years. It saves money and time, and provides extra maintenance in the long run. GU’s administration approved of the plan and it is in motion.

“By next move-in, we should have all of the same vehicles,” Wilkey said.

CSPS plans to have five brand-new leased Nissans by the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. The new cars have seven seats to accommodate and fit more students.

“The students see and feel the difference,” Tyler said.

Tyler said these new vehicles, due to their increased size and capabilities, are an advantage for students with crutches and other disabilities.

The cars also have full first-aid kits and equipment to combat small fires.

“We all want to drive them,” Tyler said.

The officers are excited to provide  better service with more reliable and uniform vehicles. Wilkey said morale among CSPS officers has improved due to increased efficiency.

CSPS officers are grateful to administration for listening to the concerns of the department and the students, and for taking action.

“It is an example of our administration listening to the officers, recognizing the good work we do for the university and fulfilling our needs,” Tyler said.


Patrick Jones is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @patrickjones714.

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