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As College selection day draws closer, the Gonzaga admissions office is busily planning the infamous GEL weekend. GEL allows prospective students to experience campus for themselves before making their final decision.

Before prospective Zags decide to come to Gonzaga, they attend Gonzaga Experience Live weekend, better known simply as GEL. For some, GEL was the reason why students chose GU.

On April 13 and 14, GU will host prospective students for this year's annual GEL weekend.

The number of students who attend this event has remained mostly consistent from year to year. This year, the school is expecting 650 students along with an additional 650 family members.

One reason for the steady number of participants in GEL weekend over the years is limited resources. 

“Spots for male GEL students can get tough since more women sign up to be GEL hosts then men,” Admissions Counselor Zucel Aguilar said. 

While the numbers of students have remained constant, Aguilar said that student participation varies.

“How fast we fill up [changes], especially with overnight spots since we ask current students to host GEL students," Aguilar said.

As of now, people from all over the country, and world, will come to campus for GEL weekend.

There will be students attending from 23 different states and one international student from Panama. 

As such, traveling is often difficult for students and could sometimes result in them not coming. With students coming from a wide variety of locations many people will need to fly in to Spokane. 

All it takes is one flight to get delayed or canceled in order for the first domino to fall causing traveling to become a nightmare.

In addition to flying, getting a hotel also can cause a headache because hotels close to campus completely fill up.

While traveling can be challenging, it is also time consuming which sometimes people have to miss school in order to go the event. 

Yet while traveling or booking a hotel is often an issue for students attending GEL weekend it is not the biggest reason why people cannot make it to the event. The biggest reason why people cannot make it to GEL weekend is because students have their prom weekend on the same weekend GEL is scheduled.

Despite these setbacks, GEL weekend is often the reason why people chose GU. The weekend creates an energetic, and loving environment and has entertaining events, such as a hypnotist, a G.U.T.S. show and  kickball. The  hosts that helped show prospective students what it means to be a Zag also play a big role in a students decision to commit to GU.

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