Gonzaga student-run podcast, Career Paths, to be released Feb. 24

"Career Paths" was created by Elijah Eigenbrodt (left) and Brick Jennings (right).

A new student-created podcast, “Career Paths,” will release its first three podcasts on Monday to highlight Careers in Marketing Day. The podcast shares the experience and advice of Business School marketing alumni with Gonzaga students.

Last semester, 15 content production students produced a collection of 24 podcasts featuring various GU marketing alumni for an independent study course. 

The students were enrolled in a content creation course taught by alumnus Aaron Sanchez, who is the creative director for LinkedIn San Francisco. Students were taught the process of creating and editing podcasts and, eventually, demonstrated their skills by creating three podcasts with a partner over the duration of the semester. 

“Career Paths” aims to share advice regarding past GU experiences, current and former jobs, and any advice they find impactful for GU marketing students.

At the end of the semester, there was an apparent ambiguity in how the podcasts would be marketed and released, said Elijah Eigenbrodt, a student in the course. Brick Jennings and Eigenbrodt collaborated to create the brand, “Career Paths.”

“One thing that Eli and I are hoping with our independent study is to kind of see what would be next for ‘Career Paths’ and expand it past after we leave,” Jennings said. “And, if they do end up teaching the class again, to see where it will form and shape to and how that will be released in the future, on Spotify or iTunes.”

The contrast among featured alumni experiences was impactful for Jennings, he said. He began the semester by creating a podcast on a recent GU alumnus before later creating a podcast about an alumnus who has been working for a consulting firm for the past 15 years.

“The difference between these two was really interesting where they are in their life post-Gonzaga, but still seeing how Gonzaga influences where they are now,” Jennings said. “It’s just kind of cool to think that in 15 years, I could be super successful, but the base Gonzaga provided me with will still be applicable.” 

Not only does “Career Paths” act as an insightful resource to marketing students, it is a representation of the special connection alumnus share with the GU community.

“It was a delight to sit with Brick and his colleague to dive into the worlds of marketing and advertising,” said Jake Patterson, director of marketing at Northern Quest Casino, who graduated from GU in 2008. “It was also an unexpected treat to reflect on the value of my Gonzaga education. This project has reminded me how my experiences can help guide others. I am happy I could contribute.”

Devon Smith, another student in the independent study course, said the structure of the class was valuable, allowing students to apply marketing knowledge from prior classes and create their own work portfolio.

“Content production was extremely hands on,” Smith said. “I absolutely loved how Aaron, the professor, led us and helped us cultivate the entire creative experience.”

Smith said her favorite podcast explored the topic of influencer marketing. Smith and her partner, Annalise Ellefsen, contacted various alumni and a local Spokane influencer to unravel the details of influencer marketing and how brands build trust with their customers.

“Career Path” encourages students and alumni to press play and indulge in the recommendations and encouragement brought about by the podcast’s featured alumni.

“I think there is a lot of value for students to listen to these,” Jennings said. “It’s a bunch of tiny informational interviews condensed in a really simple way for students. But there is a lot of information and relevant stuff that students might want to hear.” 

The first three "Career Path" podcasts will be released Monday on Spotify and Apple Music under “Career Paths.” Podcasts will be released biweekly after the initial "Career Path" launch. You can follow them on Instagram: @gucareerpaths.

Natalie Rieth is a staff writer.

Editor's Note: Annalise Ellefsen is currently employed by Student Media as the events and promotions manager. 

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