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As college tuition prices rise across the nation, "Colleges Worth Your Money" Guide Book helps break down the worth of education in and outside of the classroom.

Currently tuition price at Gonzaga University is $66,661.  Multiply this by four, you get $266,664, which equals the cost of attendance for an undergraduate degree at GU. Luckily for GU students, this high price tag is worth it according to "Colleges Worth Your Money."

GU was recently listed as one of the top Colleges Worth Your Money, in College Transitions "Colleges Worth Your Money" 2022 edition.

“The cost of Gonzaga after financial aid, compared to the quality of the education is what equals the value of attendance,” Erin Hays, the director of undergraduate admission at GU, said. “The undergraduate faculty were just ranked in the top 5% in the nation for undergraduate teaching, and that is recognition for the work they do to help students.”

GU students respond to the release of this news, positively. 

“Seeing that Gonzaga is on this list definitely makes me feel better about taking big loans,” Dillon Morley, a sophomore at GU said.

"Colleges Worth Your Money: A Guide to What America’s Top Schools Can Do For You" is a comprehensive guidebook that details and presents information on colleges that will give you the best bang for your buck.

GU is one of 175 American colleges and universities that comprise the list. Other schools found on the list include universities such as the University of Virginia, Harvard University and more.

One set of criteria which the list is comprised of is based on early decision acceptance rate, admissions-related data points, transfer admission rates, ACT/SAT scores and more. In total, the magazine takes into account over 75 key statistics about each university.

“GU can be pretty expensive, I wouldn’t be able to be here without financial aid,” Morley said. “I got very blessed with the aid package I got from here.”

College tuition and cost of attendance has been constantly rising at a rate of 3% over the last decade, according to Financial aid and total sticker price of attendance is another set of criteria "Colleges Worth Your Money" uses to formulate their list.

The guidebook includes six key sections for each college or university. The sections included are Inside the Classroom, Outside the Classroom, Career Service, Admissions, Professional Outcomes and Worth Your Money?

“When looking at schools, I looked the most at inside and outside the classroom, as well as admission rates,” Morley said. “These were really important factors to me and my family, so when Gonzaga fit the mold, I was hooked.”

Another piece of criteria "Colleges Worth Your Money" uses to comprise their list is information on career paths, employment rate after graduation, top employers for graduates and top areas and cities for alumni.

"Colleges Worth Your Money" has received rave reviews and notable endorsements from various members of higher education.

“A refreshing combination of data and insight, this guide provides families with critical information that can often be difficult to locate or discern,” Rick Clark, co-author of "The Truth about College Admission," said.

The 2022 guidebook is the second edition of "Colleges Worth Your Money" and is GU’s first time being listed in an edition.

“I definitely have been happy with my decision to attend GU and knowing that we are also in the top 175, makes me feel even better about it,” Morley said.

The book will be released for the public on May 15.

Tommy Connolly is a staff writer.

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