An email was sent out to the Gonzaga student body on March 25 making the announcement that the Writing Center has officially been moved online. It is now live and available for students to receive tutor feedback on writing assignments. 

With very specific, numbered instructions, the email took the students through the steps of how to sign up for an online Zoom appointment. 

The process starts off by visiting: After students have reached this website and have logged on, they are able to view, select and register for a Writing Center session. 

When the appointment time comes, students must log back onto the website, click on their appointment in the schedule and select the link that is right below the tutor’s bio profile. This link takes the student to an online Zoom meeting with their GU student tutor.  

Alicen Rushevics is a graduate student at GU, and she put together the online schedule and format. 

“The tutoring session works very similarly to the in-person session,” Rushevics said. “Only, instead of having an in person copy of the paper, the document is shared both through the online portal and by screen sharing." 

With a collaborative effort from John Eliason, the Writing Center director, the Learning Studio, tutors, GU administration and Rushevics, the online Writing Center went up in a week. 

“Some days were longer than others, but once we were able to contact all of our tutors to check in and make sure they all wanted to be a part of the online writing center, it was pretty easy from there,” Rushevics said. 

Emma Wood, a sophomore majoring in sociology and psychology, is one of the 20 students who are employed by the online Writing Center. Wood has been working as a tutor for two semesters, and she is excited to continue her tutoring even in this time of unease and uncertainty. 

“I personally feel like I'm still able to connect with my clients as though we were face-to-face,” Wood said. “Of course, technical difficulties are an obstacle, but that's to be expected as the system is new for everyone.”

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many students and community members have lost their jobs because of state and federal restrictions put into place. The Writing Center is unique in that it is still able to provide employment to students at GU. 

“I'm extremely grateful and humbled to still have student employment, as I know many people are losing their jobs or their hours right now,” Wood said. “I'm happy I can still help other students with their work in any way I can during this very difficult time.”

Not only has the Writing Center made this adaption, it has also extended its hours of availability. It is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. 

Even though the online Writing Center has been open for just over a week, it has already had some students make appointments and take advantage of the online format. 

“Quite a few of our tutors have had clients so far,” Rushevics said. “I had a client at the beginning of the week. We also have had test sessions among all of our tutors to make sure that everything was working.”

Writing assignments are being assigned now more than ever because of the new schooling circumstances, and GU students are able to have support with those projects during this challenging time with the Writing Center staying open. 

“We're still just as excited to work with students as ever,” Wood said. “These are chaotic times, so if anyone ever feels overwhelmed or confused during the writing process, let us help out in any way we can. 

Make an appointment now or learn more by visiting:

“We want GU students to know that they can come make an appointment with a tutor regardless of the field, type of paper, level of writing, or stage in the writing process,” Rushevics said. “We have the resources to help and a whole community of tutors ready and excited to help students through the writing process.”

Allie Noland is a staff writer.

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