This Monday, October 14th the weekly GSBA meeting was held, discussing how GSBA members should address others, changes to elections and bylaws, academic policies, on campus events and club funding requests. 

Inclusive language was discussed among the group during a GSBA communications 101 presentation by Marlin Jones, the GSBA's director of communications when addressing others in a professional manner.

This included addressing groups as “y’all” as opposed to “you guys” and instead of saying “freshmen” using “first-year student.”

The governance committee spoke about adding changes to election laws and bylaws in the coming months. They agreed to allow an allotted amount of time for each section of GSBA to review and discuss the changes that may come.

The health and safety committee discussed that they had been working to have activities on campus for the week of Halloween that allow students to celebrate the holiday in a safe environment.

A proposal about academic policies was also discussed. GSBA members spoke about talking to deans regarding professors modifying office hours, course syllabuses and what guidelines they should follow if a professor must make a change to either of the two. 

During the meeting they also talked about how the student body government should act as a body for a student to go to prior to talking to their dean about issues that they might be facing within their school. 

Moving onto the topic of Coffee House, they said on Wednesday, October 14th there will not be any featured live artists, but there will be free coffee for people to enjoy while acoustic “coffee house” music plays on a speaker. 

They agreed to give a grant of $2,600 the women’s lacrosse team from the student clubs account. The grant would allow the team to register for the North West League fee along with other general fees the team would need.

Gruop titles, 

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