For the Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) senate meeting on November 4, the senate communed and examined what the committees have been discussing this past week.

The meeting began with an agreement to ratify members of the President’s Council. The members were nominated by the president of GSBA, filling roles in the Academic Council, Green Fund Council, Student Advisory Board for Hemmingson Center, Student Media Council and the Undergrad Professional Grant Committee. The roles filled were approved by the senate.

The Filipino American Student Union (FASU) requested $3,000, the maximum amount that each club has allocated for them by GSBA per year, from GSBA for their Barrio Fiesta on February 29 in the Hemmingson Ballroom. The funding was requested for food and decor for the event, which estimates around 300-400 people will be in attendance. The monetary request was approved. 

Beyond budget approval, this meeting also discussed the upcoming events on campus.

This Wednesday, Coffee House will be held Hemm Den. This week's Coffee House will be in partnership with Gonzaga University Specialized Recreation (GUSR) who will perform a play that night.

Another upcoming class-centric event is the Senior Adulting program will be held on November 13, talking to seniors about loans and how to navigate the world after leaving GU.

A Democratic Debate viewing for first-year students will be held in Jundt Lounge on November 20. Information on voter registration will be offered following the debate.

From events to funding, the Finance Committee received a funding request from Seatons for their upcoming retreat. Seatons requested $1046 and GSBA approved it for $1100.

Spikeball Club requested funding for a first-aid kit. The first-aid kit cost $24 and the funding was approved.

The Health and Safety Board is considering making all clubs attend an Office of Health Promotion meeting once a year in order to receive funding for the year. 

“Their events aren’t well attending even though they share really important information,” Giulianna Pendleton, Health and Safety Coordinator.

The events talk on subjects such as healthy relationships, drug and alcohol awareness, and how to stay safe in the Logan neighborhood.

The Student Development Board talked about how to bring the information from the tabling events held a few weeks back to the students of GU.

“We are thinking of doing infographics,” Charlotte Driscoll, Campus Inclusivity Coordinator.

The meeting ended with the Academics Committee noting that surveys will be sent out to look into the interest in a kickboxing class for P.E. Credit.

Lindsey Wilson is a staff writer. You can follow her on Twitter: @lindseyrwilson1.

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