The Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) Senate meeting held on Nov. 11 discussed topics such as new clubs, club funding, the new Undergraduate Professional Development Grant and a new member to the GSBA senate.

The main topic discussed at the senate meeting this week was the Student Development Committee will not be recommending club status to a potential club that would have been the GU Modeling Club.

Numerous reasons were stated for not recommending the club and having it move on to Matt Lamsma, Dean of Student Engagement, who has the final say regarding whether or not a club is approved. One reason for the denial was that the club was proposed by a freshman group of females and all the people who said they would like to join were freshman as well. They also stated that they wanted the club to be a closed club, which is when the members must be invited to the club in order to join.

The Student Development Committee also agreed that the club activities would conflict with an already existing club.

“It overlaps with photography club that is already on campus,” said Morgan Graves, a junior class senator.

The committee agreed that the club wouldn’t align with GU’s values and that there was too little information on the club, and decided to not give the potential modeling club official club status.

Another new club looking to reach official club status is the Orthodox Club. No decisions will be made on their club status until they have had a meeting with the Office of Mission and Ministry.

Love Your Melon requested $200 from GSBA to purchase foods that would be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. The request was approved by the Finance Committee.

Alpine Ski Club requested $1221 for new backpacks for the club. The backpacks would be reused once students left the club, which would give them more longevity. The request was approved by the Finance Committee.

Michael Tanaka, GSBA President, came to talk to the senate about events that the executive board would be putting on in coming weeks. 

Courageous Conversations will be held in Hemmingson Ballroom on Nov. 21 from 6-7:30 p.m. discussing the topic of white privilege. The event will provide dinner and encourages conversations among the tables. The event is being put on by the diversity and inclusion committee.

The Undergraduate Professional Development Grant received $10,000 in donations this past week. Tanaka was excited about this grant and the opportunities it can offer first-generation college students at GU.

“My goal is to get endowed by the end of the semester or at the end of the year,” Tanaka said.

A new member was welcomed to GSBA this past week. The vacant seat for freshman senator was filled by Braeden Bell. The ratification was passed by the senate. He also will be on the Health and Safety Committee as well as the Student Development Committee. 

GSBA is beginning to wrap up senate meetings for this semester, with only two more meetings left in 2019. The Monday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 25 and the Monday of finals week, Dec. 9, there will be no senate meeting held, and will resume in Spring 2020 semester.

Correction: Previously stated that GSBA's Student Development Committee had denied the club. They do not approve or deny the clubs but rather recommend or not recommend the club to Dean Matt Lamsma, Dean of Student Engagement who officially approves or denies the club. 

Lindsey Wilson is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyrwilson1.

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