Compounding Change Podcast

GU alum Gunnar Conley (pictured above) started the podcast to expand his social media presence.

In order to help Zags combat the infamous post-graduation slump, two Gonzaga alumni are hard at work recording their new podcast for people transitioning out of college life.

Called “Compounding Change”, the podcast is hosted by Gunnar Conley and Timmy Regan. It is geared toward providing young adults the lessons they need in order to help them transition from college into the professional world.

“There’s so much change in all of our lives during this time,” Regan said. “The podcast talks about different things that can help listeners be more prepared for this time, and different strategies to navigate through it.”

The podcast first started as a means for Conley to expand his social media presence but has evolved to much more.

“I realized the power of the podcast and providing lessons about the real world after college that I know myself and my peers that I grew up with didn’t really get,” Conley said.

Regan and Conley both graduated from GU in 2019 with degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship. Conley is originally from Issaquah, Washington, and Regan is from Miles City, Montana.

The two co-hosts have been best friends since they were randomly paired together as freshman roommates on the third floor of Coughlin Hall.

When Conley first had the idea to start a podcast, he knew that Regan would be a great co-host.

“It’s a good dynamic because he knows me well enough that we are able to have a very real conversation and bounce ideas off of each other,” Conley said.

“We’ve been having conversations about topics like our episodes since our freshman year at Gonzaga in 2015,” Regan said. “So naturally we just enjoy having these types of conversations on the podcast.”

One of the hardest challenges they have both faced since graduation has been the age-old struggle of figuring out what path to follow in life.  

“The big thing is what to do with your life post college when everything up until then seems to be already planned out. It’s trying to figure out what I really want to do, which type of person I want to be, what’s important to me,” Conley said.

Since graduation, Conley and Regan have moved to work in real estate in Seattle and Bend, Oregon, respectively.  

In fact, Conley first received his real estate license during his senior year at GU and sold real estate while taking classes.

Due to the recent adjustment of living far from each other, the podcast has also been a means for the two friends to stay in touch through all of the changing times. Each podcast episode is recorded remotely.

If there was one lesson that “Compounding Change” would want its listeners to know, it would be that small actions create big change.

“A key takeaway is just understanding that all things in life are worth achieving or worth fighting for, no matter how long it may take to develop,” Conley said.

Inspired by the “Jordan Harbinger Show,” each episode of Conley and Regan’s podcast covers the hosts discussing different life responsibilities, from building healthy habits to managing finances. Conley's personal favorite episode is entitled “How to Buy a House.”

Likewise, Regan encourages everyone to listen to their three-part series called, “How to Manage your Personal Finances (Like a Boss)” to be better prepared for adulthood after college.

“The episodes were closely tied to a book we read called 'I Will Teach You to Be Rich' by Ramit Sethi which was informative not only to our listeners but also to Gunnar and I,” Regan said. “This episode helped me to totally transform my personal finance set up, and I’ve never looked at my finances the same.”

 “Compounding Change” episodes are uploaded every Monday and range 30-45 minutes in length. They can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and TuneIn.

In the future, due to a space in the market, both Conley and Regan hope to continue to grow their podcast to become one of the more prominent Seattle-based podcasts.

“We want to eventually do a combination of normal sit down episodes and episodes specifically focusing on Seattle based business owners, entrepreneurs and politicians,” Conley said.

Conley first learned how to use editing software while interning for the Athletic Department at GU. With these skills, he only needed to learn how to use a podcasting platform to get “Compounding Change” up and running.

Inspiration for the name came from a play on words with compound interest.

“We chose it because if you make positive changes in your life, the average compound to the success change will be positive,” Conley said.

The “Compounding Change” hosts are constantly exploring new topics and ideas for the podcast.

“I love hearing feedback from our listeners and seeing that there are helpful things they have pulled from the podcast and implemented in their own lives,” Regan said. “I learned so much myself throughout the episodes!”   

Both Conley and Regan have been inspired by their time at GU and hope that this podcast will be a means for current and past students to see how graduates are able to live up to the words of St. Ignatius by “going forth and setting the world on fire.”

Georgia Cosola is a contributor.

Georgia Cosola is a contributor.

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